Permanent Vegetation Plots

Reference Stands

There are 38 permanent sample plots in and adjacent to the Andrews Forest in unmamanged forest stands.  This network of plots is part of a larger Permanent Sample Plot network in Oregon and Washington.

TV010 - Long-term growth, mortality and regeneration of trees in permanent vegetation plots in the Pacific Northwest, 1910 to present

Vegetation Plots in Managed and Reference Small Watersheds

In eight of the experimental watersheds vegetation dynamics are studied with systematic small-plot designs.  Plot size, arrangement, methods and establishment date vary among the watersheds:

TP073 - Plant succession and biomass dynamics following logging and burning in Watersheds 1 and 3, Andrews Experimental Forest, 1962 to Present

TP041 - Post-logging community structure and biomass accumulation in Watershed 10, Andrews Experimental Forest, 1974 to present

TP114 - Plant biomass dynamics following logging, burning, and thinning in Watersheds 6 and 7, Andrews Experimental Forest, 1979 to present

TP115 - Plant biomass dynamics in old-growth Watersheds 8 and 9 at the Andrews Experimental Forest, 2003 to present

TP091 - Ecosystem dynamics in a mature (Hagan block) and old-growth (Watershed 2) forest, Andrews Experimental Forest, 1981 to present

Stand-level Management Studies

TV052 - Forest structure and biomass in early successional harvest units of the Andrews Experimental Forest (ESSA), 1999 to present 

Uneven Aged Management Project

Blue River Landscape Study

Gap Study

TV025 - Ecosystem responses to the creation of tree-fall gaps in the western Cascades of Oregon and Washington (Experimental Gap Study), 1990 to 2006