Visit the Forest

The Carpenter Mountain Lookout trail affords grand views. Photo by Lina DiGregorio

FOREST CLOSURE due to wildfire: As of summer 2024, a public closure remains in effect for the entire Lookout Fire perimeter, which includes most of the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest (HJA). Check the Willamette National Forest Fire Closures Page, Lookout Fire, for official closures on the area.


Most of the HJA is closed to the public due to the Lookout Fire (see sidebar). Before you travel, check out the webcams and current weather conditions. If you visit, stop at the large kiosk display board at the junction of Forest Roads 15 and 1506. The display board has a map and provides a short history of the site. Be aware that much of the area is under snow and inaccessible during the winter months.


CLOSED DUE TO WILDFIRE. The Lookout Creek Old-Growth Trail

CLOSED DUE TO WILDFIRE. The Carpenter Mountain Lookout Trail


Camping is available at the nearby Mona Campground.

Headquarters Facilities

The HJA headquarters facilities, which include apartments, offices, conference hall, and a classroom, are available for year-round use, with a capacity of up to about 80 people. The facilities are available for a variety of group functions: short courses, workshops, overnight field trips, planning sessions, retreats, etc. While priority is given to publicly-affiliated organizations, use by private organizations is also welcome.  Priority during summer field season is given to research projects and education groups. The winter season is quieter: use for meetings and workshops is welcomed and encouraged. Find out more about our Facilities.

Virtual Visit

If you can’t travel to the forest, check out the virtual tour of the old-growth trail to learn about the ecosystem and some of the essential characteristics of an old growth forest.     

Fishing and Collecting is Prohibited

Fishing and collection of forest products, such as flowers, moss, mushrooms, bear grass, or fir boughs, are prohibited on the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest. Many of these organisms are being studied by researchers and their removal can have serious, negative impacts. However, fishing is permitted in nearby Blue River, Blue River Reservoir, and the McKenzie River. Please check the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife web page for license and regulations for sport fishing and hunting.

More Information

Willamette National Forest has more information about this area. Visitor centers are open to public in Eugene and at the nearby McKenzie River Ranger Station.

If you would like more information or to arrange a tour of the HJA, please contact the Andrews Forest Director.