Experimental Watersheds and Gauging Stations

Andrews Forest (Lookout Creek) Experimental Watersheds

There are nine small experimental watersheds and ten gauging stations on the Andrews Forest, including the station near the mouth of Lookout Creek.  All gauging stations record stream flow, water conductivity, and water and above-stream air temperature continuously.  Most stations also collect water samples proportional to steam flow, which are composited at three-week intervals for chemical analysis.  Stream chemistry data from the Andrews Forest and other small watershed studies across the U.S. have been organized into a stream chemistry database for broader scale studies.  At five of the small watersheds an annual survey of sediment basins provides data on bedload accumulation. The experimental watersheds have also been sampled for vegetation, soils and other data needed to understand hydrological and ecological processes. 

Detailed Histories

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Andrews Watershed 1

Andrews Watershed 2

Andrews Watershed 3

Andrews Watershed 6

Andrews Watershed 7

Andrews Watershed 8

Andrews Watershed 9

Andrews Watershed 10

Andrews Mack Creek Watershed

Andrews Lookout Creek Watershed

Real-Time Data

Provisional, real-time, streaming data are available for most gauging stations.  See our Real-time Data pages.

Primary Studies

HF004 - Stream discharge in gaged watersheds at the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1949 to present

HT004 - Stream and air temperature data from stream gauges and stream confluences in the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1950 to present

HS004 - Annual bedload accumulation from sediment basin surveys in small gauged watersheds in the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1957 to present

CF002 - Stream chemistry concentrations and fluxes using proportional sampling in the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1968 to present

CF012 - Stream specific conductance and temperature from small watersheds in the Andrews Forest

CP002 - Precipitation and dry deposition chemistry concentrations and fluxes, Andrews Experimental Forest, 1969 to present

GS002 - Stream cross-section profiles in the Andrews Experimental Forest and Hagan Block RNA 1978 to present