Met Station Diagnostics

Meteorological Station Diagnostics

Meteorological station diagnostics feature need-based visualizations and auto-alert features that assist researcher and technicians to improve the quality of the data streaming from remote monitoring stations.

Meteorological Station Diagnostics: 7d overview plots
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Battery voltage, © HJ Andrews, LTER (AND), OSU
Battery (PRIMET, WS1MET)
Battery voltage, © HJ Andrews, LTER (AND), OSU
Battery voltage, © HJ Andrews, LTER (AND), OSU
Precipitation Orifice Temperature
Precipitation orifice temperature, © HJ Andrews, LTER (AND), OSU
Orifice Pump Run Time
Orifice pump run time, © HJ Andrews, LTER (AND), OSU
Station Status
Station status reported by data logger., © HJ Andrews, LTER (AND), OSU
Fan Aspirated Fan Speed
Fan aspirated speed, © HJ Andrews, LTER (AND), OSU
Pump Battery
Pump battery voltage, © HJ Andrews, LTER (AND), OSU

Caution: These are provisional real-time data
that have not been quality checked! These data will change.