Rain Real Time

The real time weather graph of September 1, 2023, shows the first real rain during the Lookout Fire: the site received about 0.69 inches of rain across our weather stations.

Rain, sweet rain! The rain gauge at our weather station near headquarters, PRIMET, recorded 0.69 inches of rain yesterday and last night, and there is a good chance of additional wetting rain on Saturday. Remarkably, our weather stations and communications towers remain intact, even those in areas that burned over in the fire. See our Post 6 on weather stations.  We’ve been watching the weather data, real-time, as they stream from our weather stations, through our radio communications system, and are loaded to data graphs on our website. After quality checks, the data become part of our long-term climate record. With the recent shift in weather, this week’s data graphs show a drop in solar radiation, a jump in humidity, a decrease in wind speed and air temperature, and, at last, rain.  


First posted September 1, 2023