Long-Term Study of Trout and Salamanders

Mack Creek at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest has been a study site since 1987 for fish and salamander populations. 

The first week of September typically marks the annual trip to Mack Creek for our team of researchers working on a long-term study of trout and salamanders. Since 1987, we have visited the same sections of Mack Creek to measure the numbers, size, and mass of these aquatic vertebrates. The study constitutes one of the longest continuous records of salmonid populations on record. The Lookout Fire burned over Mack Creek so we will not be able to go to the site to sample and collect data this year. The only other year that data were not collected in the 36-year study was in 2020, when access to the site was closed due to the Holiday Farm Fire.  To see photos of the work, see the Aquatic Vertebrate Population Study in Mack Creek 2021 photo album.

First posted September 5, 2023