Carpenter Mountain Fire Lookout

Lookout Fire from the Carpenter Mountain Fire Lookout Station. Photo by Rob Mutch.

Rob Mutch, the USFS Fire Lookout stationed on Carpenter Mountain, was on duty on August 5 and was the first to spot the tell-tale waft of smoke from the flank of Lookout Mountain, following the lightning storm on August 5. Rob, who is also a professional photographer, shared photos of the fire a week later, as conditions caused a massive column of smoke. For safety, Rob was moved from his station on Carpenter Mountain and is now assisting other USFS fire lookouts in the area. Rob has served for several summers as the official Fire Lookout on Carpenter Mountain and his trained eye has been invaluable in watching over the region. Thank you, Rob! Rob Mutch's facebook page shows photos of the progression of the fire, from his vantage point on Carpenter Mountain. 

First posted August 20, 2023