Old Growth Playback

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Audiovisual Material
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Schonberg, Lisa. 2023. Old Growth Playback [audio]. Acra, NY: Wave Farm.


Old Growth Playback is a set of four sound works based on ecological research at HJ Andrews Experimental Forest in Blue River, Oregon. They prompt us to become familiar with sonic forest spaces and our role in them, and present questions concerning the soundscapes of current and future old growth forests. These works focus on cryptic soundscapes beyond the reach of typical human sensory limits. Through a consideration of beyond-human soundscapes, we can speculate on what might be important to invertebrates, and to non-invertebrate animals, fungi and plants. The four sound works will be presented through radio broadcast and as a spatialized sound installation. A print and online component will contextualize the sound work with text, photos, and graphics that elaborate on concept, process, observation, and speculation. Partners in the presentation of this work include The Sanctuary for Independent Media and the Oakwood Community Center, both in Troy, NY.