Forest-water interactions under global change

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Book Section
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Jones, J.A.; Wei, X.; Archer, E.; Bishop, K.; Blanco, J.A.; Ellison, D.; Gush, M.B.; McNulty, S.G.; van Noordwijk, M.; Creed, I.F. 2020. Forest-water interactions under global change. In: Forest-Water Interactions, Ecological Studies. 240. Switzerland AG: Springer Nature: 589-624. doi:


This chapter aims to characterize the effects of global changes on forest-water interactions and water availability to ecosystems and people. It synthesizes current understanding of the implications of present and anticipated changes to forests and tree cover for local and global hydrology and provides an overview of contemporary global change processes and their interactions with forests and water. It focuses specifically on natural and human disturbances and their effects on biotic and abiotic properties of forests and their consequences for hydrological processes.