Charting Forestry’s Uncertain Future [Book Review]

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Book Review
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Swanson, Frederick J. 2019. Charting Forestry’s Uncertain Future. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America. 100(2): e01530. Book Review of "Ecological Forest Management". Franklin, Jerry F.; Johnson, K. Norman; Johnson, Debora L. 2019. Waveland Press, Inc., Long Grove, Illinois. doi: 10.1002/bes2.1530


Ecological Forest Management marks a major transition in forestry and charts a new path forward. This is the fifth edition of the textbook Forest Management which has spanned 50 yr; the previous four editions under the lead authorship of L. S. Davis were founded on economic principles and emphasized long-range planning assuming a rather stable and predictable future. However, profound changes in forestry and its social and environmental contexts have forced change. The Pacific Northwest of the United States, home of the authors of this new text, has been a crucible of conflict and creativity in forest ecology and forest management, forging that change. Forests are increasingly viewed as complex ecosystems rather than simple collections of trees; top-down, governmental decision-making is giving way to more collaborative, inclusive, bottom-up approaches; and uncertainty of future social and climate environments is more deeply embraced.