Microclimate and Phenology at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest

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Ward, Sarah E. 2018. Microclimate and Phenology at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest. Eugene: University of Oregon. 73 p. M.S. thesis.


Spring plant phenology is often used as an indicator of a community response to climate change. Remote data and low-resolution climate models are typically used to predict phenology across a landscape; however, this tends to miss the nuances of microclimate, especially in a mountainous area with heterogeneous topography. I investigated how inter-annual variability in regional climate affects the distribution of microclimates (i.e., areas models of bud break at the microclimate scale, that could then be applied across a wider landscape. I found that years with warm winters, few storms and low snowpack have a homogenizing effect on microclimate and spring phenology events, and that bud break models developed at a local scale can be effectively applied across a broader landscape.