WinXSPRO, A Channel Cross Section Analyzer, User's Manual, Version 3.0

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Hardy, Thomas; Panja, Palavi; Mathias, Dean . 2005. WinXSPRO, A Channel Cross Section Analyzer, User's Manual, Version 3.0. General Technical Report. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station; RMRS-GTR-147. 95 p.


WinXSPRO is an interactive Windows™ software package designed to analyze stream channel cross section data for geometric, hydraulic, and sediment transport parameters. WinXSPRO was specifically developed for use in high-gradient streams (gradient > 0.01) and supports four alternative resistance equations for computing boundary roughness and resistance to flow. Cross section input data may be from standard cross section surveys using a rod and level or sag-tape procedures. WinXSPRO allows the
user to subdivide the channel cross section into multiple sub-sections and has the ability to vary watersurface slopes with discharge to reflect natural conditions. Analysis options include developing stagedischarge relationships, evaluating changes in channel cross-sectional area, and computing sediment transport rates. Resource specialists can use the estimated stream-channel geometry cross section hydraulic characteristics and sediment transport output to assist with channel design and monitoring,
instream flow analysis, the restoration of riparian areas, and the placement of instream structures.