The H.J. Andrews climatological field measurement program

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Conference Proceedings
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Henshaw, Donald L.; Bierlmaier, Frederick A.; Hammond, Hazel E. 1998. The H.J. Andrews climatological field measurement program. In: Michener, William K.; Porter, John H.; Stafford, Susan G., eds. Data and information management in the ecological sciences: a resource guide; 1997 August 8-9; Albuquerque, NM. Albuquerque, NM: LTER Network Office, University of New Mexico: 117-122.


Research modeling in ecology and hydrology demands the collection of short time-step,spatially distributed climatic measurements. Standardized sets of measured parameters withstandard collection methods are critical for comparability of measurements. Standard dataarchival formats, quality assurance procedures, and sound mechanisms for methoddocumentation are essential for efficient handling of large quantities of electronic data. Webaccess to near real-time climatological data as well as long-term archives has proven invaluableto researchers.