HARVEST Model (ML01)

  • PI: Harmon, Mark
  • Dates of study: 1993 - 1994
  • Other researchers: Garman, Steve


This model, called HARVEST, predicts the mass of woody debris left after timber harvest in Pacific Northwest forests. Inputs to the model include the species, diameter and age distribution of trees, the minimum tree size to be harvested, the minimum top diameter, stump height, and slope steepness. Model output includes the absolute and proportion of bole biomass removed as well as that left as stumps, tops, breakage, and decay. The model also predicts the biomass of non-merchantable parts such as branches, coarse roots and fine roots left after harvest. The model was used to predict changes in the biomass left after harvest in Pacific Northwest forests from 1920 to the present.

Format Titles
1 Biomass regression coefficients (massin.tab)
2 Stump, decay and breakage parameters (params.tab)
3 Chapman-Richards height-dbh coefficients (richina.tab)
4 Kozak taper coefficients (taperou.tab)
5 List of possible species (species.tab)
6 Stand data
7 Final output file
Documentation (PDF)
Drivers and Parameters (zip)