Hankyu Kim PhD Defense Aug 30 1PM

Monday, August 30, 2021

Please join us on Monday, August 30th at 1 pm on Zoom for a presentation of Hankyu Kim’s dissertation, titled: “An examination of climate and land-use change as drivers of population dynamics in breeding bird populations.” Hankyu is earning his PHD in Forest Ecosystems and Society with Brenda Mc Comb and Matt Betts.

Identifying population changes of birds and drivers of changes over space and time is essential for effective species conservation. Using data collected from the field and archive, Hankyu 1) modeled and analyzed bird population status, 2) tested fine-scale drivers of population changes, and 3) identified migratory movements across the annual cycle of a declining bird species. First, Hankyu quantified the occupancy change of breeding birds in South Korea in the past two decades. Next, he tested if microclimate buffering effect and compositional and structural diversity of forests can mediate negative effects of warming on bird populations at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest in Oregon, USA. Finally, Hankyu tracked hermit warblers from six breeding populations across their range in the Pacific Northwest. 

Contact the FES Department at FES.Workbox@oregonstate.edu for zoom details or for accommodations for disabilities.