Andrews Forest Monthly Meeting June 4

Friday, June 4, 2021

Andrews Forest Monthly Meeting: Friday, June 4, 9-11 AM

For our June 2021 meeting, we will start digging into the theme of interactions, which is the central theme of LTER8. We are going to transition from our discussions of fire over the past four monthly meetings to interactions and microclimates. 
Responses of species to environmental change may be mediated by both species interactions and microclimate. Our discussions of fire provides a great lead-in to microclimate as the 2020 fires left patches of differing effects both inside and outside of the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest in the Cascade Mountain Range. Microclimate conditions create fine-scale heterogeneity across the landscape in forest canopy structure, fine-scale topography, and local habitat conditions, which, in turn, influence species, ecosystems, and their underlying processes. With these talks and conversations, we hope to kick off discussions among the research community around interactions, microclimates, and refugia.   
Talk 1: Ivan Arismendi: Geophysical templates modulate the structure of stream food webs dominated by omnivory
Talk 2: Sarah Frey/Matt Betts: Heterospecific interactions mediate colonization dynamics of birds across a microclimate gradient

After our presentations, we will move into a SCIENCE CAFÉ (with virtual coffee) to discuss the topic of interactions. Everyone is welcome to participate. During this science café, we will host smaller breakout discussions around the theme of interactions at the Andrews Forest to more deeply understand the role of species interactions and microclimates. 
Introduction to “Interactions” in LTER8: Matt Betts
Breakout room discussions will focus on four topics laid out in LTER8, but we will have multiple rooms around each theme to facilitate conversation:
1)    How forests modulate the expression of regional climate to create local microclimate patterns in mountains (Moderator: Mark Schulze)
2)    How microclimate and legacies of land use and disturbance influence populations, communities and ecosystem processes (Moderator: Dave Bell)
3)    How species interactions amplify or reduce responses to microclimate (Moderator: Matt Betts)
4)    How values filter the use of science in land use decisions (Moderators: Michael Nelson, Chelsea Batavia)
We will then reconvene to briefly describe discussions in the breakout rooms.

Our meetings follow the academic year. Next meeting: October 1, 2021.  9-11 AM. 

Contact Lina DiGregorio for Zoom link.