Andrews Forest Image Library

Each of the following image categories (CD label) contain images and photographs currently available from our database. Please feel free to download images for use in posters, presentations, etc. We ask that both the photographer and the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest research program, funded by the National Science Foundation's Long-Term Ecological Research Program, US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, and Oregon State University be acknowledged and cited whenever an image is used. Please refer to the data use policy and acknowledgements. In some cases, high resolution photos are available from the database manager. Aerial Imagery for the HJ Andrews and Surrounding Areas is also available.


AAA Historical Andrews Photos
AAB HJA Facilities, WS History , Meteorolgy - Cascade Head Facilities - Siskyou Burn - Mt. St. Helens -
AAC HJA General Interest - Meteorolgy - Ref Stands - Owls - Canopy Crane - Stream work- Landscape
AAD HJA 1996 Flood: Pre-flood snowpack - WS3 Debris Flow - Lookout Crk - Blue R. Res. - McKenzie R.
AAE HJA Ref. Stands - WS History & Instrumentation - Aerial flood 1996
AAF 1996 Flood: Aerial views of Willamette Valley; BRRD; WNF. Ground Views Mack Creek. Corvallis
AAG Matt Hunter critters
AAH HJA 1952 Don Wusterberg, Photographer: b/w photos of early logging
AAI General Artsy Pictures. Plants, mushrooms, flowers. Critters, facilities, sunsets, and streams.
AAJ HJA WS History - Logging WS1,WS3 ; Fish Seineing on Lookout Ck. Aerial Landscape photos
AAK Lookouk Cr. aerial blimp photography & from concrete bridge; 1996 Flood
AAL HJA Log decomposition --- Mark Harmon's photos
AAM HJA Log decomposition 2 -- Mark Harmon
AAN HJA Early History - Conf\classroom bldg - WS3 Reconstruction- streams, plants, critters , fish
AAO Cascade Head Growth and Yield Plots 3/18/98
AAP Cascade Head Growth and Yield Plots 2 -- 3/18/98
AAQ HJA Met. & Streamflow Instrumentation -- 2/11/99
AAR HJA - Early WS History - People photos by Bill Emmingham
AAS HJA People -- photos by Stan Gregory and Phil Sollins
AAT Neskowin Crest Growth and Yield plots 3/10/99
AAU Neskowin Crest Growth and Yield plots 2 3/10/99
AAV Cascade Head Ecosystems
AAX Mike Castellano's Fungi Collection
AAY HJ Andrews Forest Random Collection (for presentation use)
AAZ Scanned drawings of HQ
ABA Insects from Jeff Miller's photo cds
ABB The Best of Mount St. Helens Research -- Fred Swanson
ABD HJA Daze 2000 and 2002
ABH HJ Andrews - WS10
ABJ Miscellaneous HJA or CFSL events
ABM Miscellaneous HJA photos; graduate students
ABN LTER Reflections: New Metaphors of Restoration (September 2002); Art Exhibit (2013)
ABP Mount St. Helens
ABQ Experimental Forest and Range and Watersheds Workshop (October 22-24, 2002 at HJ Andrews)
ABR Andrews Field Course - Riparian Diversity (FS499/599) September 2002
ABU HJA Daze 2003, 2004
ABV HJA Day 2005
ABX HJA Day 2007
ABZ Sediment Basin Survey 2007
ACA Fieldwork on the HJ Andrews Forest (2007 & 2013)
ACB University of Wisconsin - Platteville Ecology and Geomorphology class field trip to the HJA (Jan 07)
ACC Meteorological Station Fisheye Photos
ACD Cascade Head Experimental Forest Spruce-Hemlock Growth and Yield plot remeasurement survey (3-21-08)
ACE Fiber Optic Workshop (6/4/2008)
ACF HJA Day 2008
ACH HJ Andrews Experimental Forest 60th Anniversary Event
ACI HJA Day 2009
ACK HJA Day 2010 and 2011
ACL Andrews LTER Symposium 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2016; 2011 Mid-term Review; 2012 Science Council
ACM Lookout and Mack Creek Old-growth and Mack stream survey (Iraci 2005)
ACN Lookout Creek Old-growth, Log Decomp Site, Goodpasture & Blue River tours (Iraci 2005)
ACO Phenology Pulse Field Day June 2011
ACQ HJA Day 2012, 2013, 2014
ACR Teacher as Researchers Workshop 2014
ACS Canopy Connections 2014 & Andrews Forest Spring 2014
ACT Stream and Meadow Ecology Field Work,;Phenology Research (2014)
ACU Andrews retreats and scenic images (2012 & 2013)
ACW HJA Day 2015, 2016
ACX Forest and stream research, pollinator field work and meadow views (2015, 2016)
ACY Tours and workshops, forest and stream scenery (2016)
ACZ HJA Day 2018
AEA HJ Andrews Aerial Images; general views, some private timber land, Willamette valley
AEB HJ Andrews Timber Management Research (Vegetation Reference Stands; RS12, RS2)
AEC Gaging Stations of the Andrews and some met stations - photos by Al Levno
AED Pacific Northwest Permanent Sample Plot Program field work 2018
AEE Meadow plants and their pollinators
AEF Research Spring 2018
AEG Pollination Biology Research 2018
AEH Small mammal carnivore research
AEI Soil Sampling 2018
AEJ AEJ Midterm Review 2017
AEK Soil Hydrology and Stream Field Work 2017
AEM Art and Photography 2018
AEN Snowdown 2019
AEP HJA Day 2019
AEQ Dwarf Mistletoe Survey 2019
AER Forests of Oregon Elevation Gradient (FOREG) 2019
AES Lookout Creek Sampling 2019
AET Hydrology Field Work 2019
AEU AEU Holiday Farm Fire Fall 2020
DAA H.J. Andrews Watersheds - Rating Curve Graphs - generated from SAS
DBF High-resolution digital scans of tree cores