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Sapflow measurements
Georgianne Moore at the datalogger for sapflow measurements in watershed 1.
Photographed by Kevin McGuire ..... Date: 9-3-2001 ..... Photo: ABM-001
Stream Discharge Measurements
Grad students from OSU and undergrads from Lancaster U. in Britain working on a network stream chemistry project.
Photographed by Kevin McGuire ..... Date: 9-18-2001 ..... Photo: ABM-002
Zero-Tension Lysimeter Installation
Julie Spears installing zero-tension lysimeters underneath CWD at the Log Decomposition site near the DIRT plots.
Photographed by Scott Holub ..... Date: Aug 2000 ..... Photo: ABM-003
Snow at H15 Meteorological Station
Kevin McGuire in deep snow near HI15 met station.
Photographed by Stephen Sebestyen ..... Date: 12-5-2001 ..... Photo: ABM-004
Soil Respiration Measurements
Scott Holub measures soil respiration from the DIRT plots using a LiCor flux instrument.
Photographed by Elizabeth Sulzman ..... Date: 7-24-2001 ..... Photo: ABM-005
Stream Survey
Stream survey during a graduate student field geomorphology class (GEO548, Julia Jones).
Photographed by Kevin McGuire ..... Date: 9-17-2000 ..... Photo: ABM-006