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Data Set ID: gsws01_115_sys_2018
Originator: Sherri L. Johnson
Title: Gauging station system data. Usage: Manually entered in-field data and post collection calibration from 26-Jul-2018 to 25-Sep-2018
Abstract: Stream temperature at stream gages and air temperature above the stream are measured at all stream gaging sites and at selected major stream confluences. Current temperature data are collected as hourly averages of instantaneous measurements. these data began ~1996. Historic data, starting in 1950 at Lookout Creek gage, are included at daily mean or maximum and minimum.
Key Words:
Study Type: Monitoring
Study Period: 26-Jul-2018 to 25-Sep-2018
Bounding Box: West longitude:  unspecified
North latitude:  unspecified
East longitude:  unspecified
South latitude:  unspecified
Site References: GSWS01_115
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Data Table:  gsws01_115_sys_2018 (Main data table, 20 records)

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Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (show)
1 Site string Site code
2 Date serial number floating-point TmStamp
3 RecNum count integer RecNum
4 SiteID floating-point SiteID
5 Flag_SiteID none string QA/QC flags for SiteID (flagging criteria, where "x" is SiteID: )
6 LOGGERID none integer Logger ID
7 PROGID none floating-point Program ID
8 SITE_VISIT number integer Did you visit the site? (1 = yes)
9 Flag_SITE_VISIT none string QA/QC flags for Did you visit the site? (1 = yes) (flagging criteria, where "x" is SITE_VISIT: flag_notinarray(x,[NAN,1])="Q")
10 EC_BRUSH number integer Did you brush the EC probe? (1 = yes)
11 Flag_EC_BRUSH none string QA/QC flags for Did you brush the EC probe? (1 = yes) (flagging criteria, where "x" is EC_BRUSH: flag_notinarray(x,[NAN,1])="Q")
12 STAGE_RESET number integer Did you reset the PAT? (1 = yes)
13 Flag_STAGE_RESET none string QA/QC flags for Did you reset the PAT? (1 = yes) (flagging criteria, where "x" is STAGE_RESET: flag_notinarray(x,[NAN,1])="Q")
14 WATER_SAMP HHMM integer Time water sample collected
15 Flag_WATER_SAMP none string QA/QC flags for Time water sample collected (flagging criteria, where "x" is WATER_SAMP: x<0="Q", x>2400="Q")
16 STAGE_HG ft floating-point Hook gauge reading (0.000 ft)
17 Flag_STAGE_HG none string QA/QC flags for Hook gauge reading (0.000 ft) (flagging criteria, where "x" is STAGE_HG: )
18 STAGE_INST_0_0_01 ft floating-point Stage height
19 Flag_STAGE_INST_0_0_01 none string QA/QC flags for Stage height (flagging criteria, where "x" is STAGE_INST_0_0_01: isnan(x)="M")
20 AIRTEMP_CHECK_150_0_01 deg c floating-point Manual air temperature check
21 Flag_AIRTEMP_CHECK_150_0_01 none string QA/QC flags for Manual air temperature check (flagging criteria, where "x" is AIRTEMP_CHECK_150_0_01: x<-35="I", x>55="I")
22 AIRTEMP_MEAN_150_0_01 deg c floating-point Average air temperature (305)
23 Flag_AIRTEMP_MEAN_150_0_01 none string QA/QC flags for Average air temperature (305) (flagging criteria, where "x" is AIRTEMP_MEAN_150_0_01: x<-35="I", x>55="I", isnan(x)="M", x<air_FOURLO="Q", x>air_FOURHI="Q")
24 EC_CHECK uS/cm floating-point Manual EC check
25 Flag_EC_CHECK none string QA/QC flags for Manual EC check (flagging criteria, where "x" is EC_CHECK: )
26 EC_INST_0_0_01 microS/cm floating-point Conductivity
27 Flag_EC_INST_0_0_01 none string QA/QC flags for Conductivity (flagging criteria, where "x" is EC_INST_0_0_01: x<=5="I", x>=7000="I", isnan(x)="M", flag_percentchange(x,10,10,1)="F", Date>=datenum("10/1/2015 12:00:00")&Date<=datenum("11/6/2015 12:00:00")="Q", Date>=datenum("04/15/2016 18:10:00")&Date<=datenum("04/18/2016 12:00:00")="X")
28 WATERTEMP_CHECK_0_0_01 deg c floating-point Manual Water Temperature check
29 Flag_WATERTEMP_CHECK_0_0_01 none string QA/QC flags for Manual Water Temperature check (flagging criteria, where "x" is WATERTEMP_CHECK_0_0_01: x<-2="I", x>30="I", x<-1="Q", x>21="Q")
30 WATERTEMP_INST_0_0_01 deg c floating-point Instantaneous temperature of water from EC
31 Flag_WATERTEMP_INST_0_0_01 none string QA/QC flags for Instantaneous temperature of water from EC (flagging criteria, where "x" is WATERTEMP_INST_0_0_01: x<-2="I", x>30="I", x<-1="Q", x>21="Q", isnan(x)="M", x<water_FOURLO="Q", x>water_FOURHI="Q" , Date>=datenum("10/1/2015 12:00:00")&Date<=datenum("11/6/2015 12:00:00")="Q")
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