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Data Set ID: vanmet_232_a_5min_2016
Originator: Christopher Daly
Title: Meteorological data from Vanilla Met Station at the Andrews Forest. Variables include: four component radiation from 01-Oct-2015 to 01-Oct-2016
Abstract: A three-level hydro-climatological network for data monitoring was established in 1994. The networks at each level are nested to form a coordinated program of data acquisition and measurement. A future vision of linking the benchmark meteorological stations with regional weather stations to expand the future scope of studies was also considered in designing this network. The first-level in this top-down approach consists of Benchmark Meteorological Stations (BMS) and Benchmark Stream Stations. The BMS are designed to represent the environment across the Andrews. These stations are intended to provide complete, long-term, high temporal resolution, meso-scale hydroclimatological data. The location of the BMS network is based on factors such as elevation, aspect, vegetation gradients, and accessibility. Collected meteorological parameters are generally standardized across the BMS as well as methods and instrumentation. Secondary Meteorological Stations also follow standardized methods and serve similar purposes but are somewhat limited in meteorological parameters collected. The Primary Meteorological Station (PRIMET), Central Meteorological Station (CENMET), Upper Lookout Meteorological Station (UPLMET), and Vanilla Leaf Meteorological Station (VANMET) are the four Benchmark Stations, Climatic Station at Watershed 2 (CS2MET) and the Hi-15 Meteorological Station (H15MET) are Secondary Stations.
Key Words: Air temperature, Climate change, Climate data, Meteorological measurements, Monitoring, Photosynthetically active radiation, Precipitation, Relative humidity, Snow accumulation, Snow hydrology, Soil moisture, Soil temperature, Solar radiation, Wind speed, Disturbance
Study Type: Monitoring
Study Period: 01-Oct-2015 to 01-Oct-2016
Bounding Box: West longitude:  unspecified
North latitude:  unspecified
East longitude:  unspecified
South latitude:  unspecified
Site References: VANMET_232
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Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (show)
1 Site string Site code
2 Date serial number floating-point TmStamp
3 RecNum count integer Record Number
4 LOGGERID none integer Logger ID
5 PROGID none floating-point Program ID of program
6 SW_IN_MEAN_600_0_02 w m-2 floating-point Shortwave radiation measured by NRO1
7 Flag_SW_IN_MEAN_600_0_02 none string QA/QC flags for Shortwave radiation measured by NRO1 (flagging criteria, where "x" is SW_IN_MEAN_600_0_02: x<=-10="I", x>1367="I", x>1060="Q", isnan(x)="M")
8 SW_OUT_MEAN_600_0_02 w m-2 floating-point Shortwave radiation measured by NRO1
9 Flag_SW_OUT_MEAN_600_0_02 none string QA/QC flags for Shortwave radiation measured by NRO1 (flagging criteria, where "x" is SW_OUT_MEAN_600_0_02: x<=-10="I", x>1367="I", x>1060="Q", isnan(x)="M", manual)
10 LW_IN_MEAN_600_0_02 w m-2 floating-point Temperature corrected IR01
11 Flag_LW_IN_MEAN_600_0_02 none string QA/QC flags for Temperature corrected IR01 (flagging criteria, where "x" is LW_IN_MEAN_600_0_02: isnan(x)="M", manual)
12 LW_OUT_MEAN_600_0_02 w m-2 floating-point Temperature corrected IR01
13 Flag_LW_OUT_MEAN_600_0_02 none string QA/QC flags for Temperature corrected IR01 (flagging criteria, where "x" is LW_OUT_MEAN_600_0_02: isnan(x)="M", manual)
14 NR_TOT_MEAN_600_0_02 w m-2 floating-point Total Net radiation
15 Flag_NR_TOT_MEAN_600_0_02 none string QA/QC flags for Total Net radiation (flagging criteria, where "x" is NR_TOT_MEAN_600_0_02: isnan(x)="M", manual)
16 SENSOR_TEMP_600_0_02 deg c floating-point Temperature of sensor body
17 Flag_SENSOR_TEMP_600_0_02 none string QA/QC flags for Temperature of sensor body (flagging criteria, where "x" is SENSOR_TEMP_600_0_02: isnan(x)="M", manual)
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