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Data Set ID: RS86_086_hrly_2016
Originator: Christopher Daly
Title: Reference Stand air and soil temperature network at the Andrews Experimental Forest
Abstract: The current network of temperature measurement sites are designed to represent spatial variability of air and soil temperature in rugged mountain topography, and serve as second-level stations to capture specific microclimate temperatures in conjunction with a network of Benchmark Meteorological Stations (MS001). The air and soil thermograph network has been reduced from the historical network of 37 sites originally established. An original network of 19 sites (RS01-RS19) were established during the International Biome Program in the early 1970's. Emphasis on phenology, plant moisture stress, and leaf nutrient content led to extending this network of air and soil temperature measurement. A plant community classification system (Dyrness et al., 1971) was used as a primary means of stratification, and a set of permanent vegetation plots (Reference Stands) was installed to represent forest communities with distinct vegetation and hypothesized different environments (Dyrness et al., 1974). A thermograph network was installed within the reference stands in the early 1970's (Zobel et al., 1974), and vegetation standing crop, tree growth and mortality, and plant succession were also measured. The majority of these sites were established to monitor micro-meteorological data under the canopy. The purpose of this network was to provide air and soil temperature data for modeling photosynthesis, respiration, phenology, and decomposition, and to measure environmental gradients.
Key Words: Air temperature, Climate data, Climate/Meteorology, Ecosystem monitoring, Environmental indexes and variables, Meteorology, Microclimate, Moisture stress, Reference stands, Soil temperature, Succession, Temperature growth index, Dew point temperature, Disturbance, Primary production
Study Type: Monitoring
Study Period: 01-Jan-2016 to 01-Jan-2017
Bounding Box: West longitude:  unspecified
North latitude:  unspecified
East longitude:  unspecified
South latitude:  unspecified
Site References: RS86_086
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Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (show)
1 Site string Site code
2 Date serial date floating-point TmStamp
3 SITE_ID none floating-point Site ID
4 AIRTEMP_MEAN_225_0_01 deg c floating-point Average air temperature
5 Flag_AIRTEMP_MEAN_225_0_01 none string QA/QC flags for Average air temperature (flagging criteria, where "x" is AIRTEMP_MEAN_225_0_01: x<=-35="I", x>50="I", x<-18="Q", x>45="Q", flag_valuechange(x,6.5,6.5,1) ="V", flag_valuechange(x,8,8,1) ="I", isnan(x)="M", x<FOURLO="Q", x>FOURHI="Q")
6 RELHUM_MEAN_225_0_01 percent floating-point Average relative humidity
7 Flag_RELHUM_MEAN_225_0_01 none string QA/QC flags for Average relative humidity (flagging criteria, where "x" is RELHUM_MEAN_225_0_01: x<5="I", x>105="I", x<10="Q", x>103="Q")
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