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Writers-in-Residence and Other Visiting Writers
Long-Term Ecological Reflections

The Long-Term Ecological Reflections program hosts two Writers-in-Residence Programs at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest; each occurs twice a year. Creative writers whose work reflects a keen awareness of the natural world and an appreciation for both scientific and literary ways of knowing are invited to apply for the Andrews Forest Writers Residencies. The Blue River Fellowships are offered to well-established writers by invitation. The resident writers live at the Andrews Forest for one to two weeks, interact with the scientists, explore the forest, and write. Writers are asked to visit several Long-Term Ecological Reflection plots, long-term research plots or other places of ecological interest, and to contribute their written reflections to the Forest Log.

Click here for descriptions of the Long-Term Ecological Reflection plots.

Click here for information about applying for Andrews Forest Writers Residencies.

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The Forest Log

An on-line journal of poems, essays, articles and other creative reflections on the Forest

Writers-in-Residence Other Visiting Writers Visiting Scholars


(* Blue River Fellows, others were Andrews Forest Residents)

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Frederick H. Swanson (Spring 2014)
Field Notes I
Field Notes II
Field Notes III
D. Allen (Spring 2014)
Walking Tour
Walk Notes
The Gravel Bar


Bill Yake (Fall 2013)
Small Mammal Survey Notes -- (DRAFT)
Science Mind, Literary Mind -- (DRAFT)
Forests and People: a meandering Long-Term Ecological Reflection on changing relationships between forests and human culture -- (DRAFT)
Slough, Decay, and the Odor of Soil - The Video
Forest Breakfast - Windfall. Fall 2014. p. 17-18. (Windfall is a poetry magazine published in Portland)
Michael G. Smith (Spring 2013)
Raw Data From H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest; March 24 - April 7, 2013
Ancient Fir, Climbing (Published In: Cider Press Review)
A Wayfarer Wanders Into the Fractal Forest (Published In: Labletter, Jan 2015.)
Jeff Fearnside (Spring 2013)
Joseph Bruchac* (Spring 2013)
Among the Douglas Firs


James Bertolino (Fall 2012)
Andrews Forest Poems and Journal Notes; October 8 to October 15, 2012
Kristin Berger (Fall 2012)
Forest Reflections, Forest Clouds
Sandra Alcosser* (Spring 2012)
Two versions each of two poems: Strider and Riparian.
Kristine Zeigler (Spring 2012)
The Parable of the Pupfish
How I Met Earth
Andrew Gottlieb (Spring 2012)
Various works in progress
Coyote's Anthem
Fugue for Old Growth
The Walking Gods
Portrait: Parsing My Wife As Lookout Creek


Jessica Hahn (Fall 2011)
Chop Wood, Carry Water
Carla Wise (Fall 2011)
Looking for Solace in the Natural World
Brian Turner* (Fall 2011)
Where the Forests Breathe
Brenda Peterson (Spring 2011)
Initial blog postings from Andrews
Karin Gastreich (Spring 2011)
Reflections from a Writers Residency (Blog)
Born of Fire
Carey Bagdassarian (Spring 2011)
Decomposition Study
Hand Tools


Lori Anderson Moseman (Fall 2010)
Varible Poetic Cruise Andrews Experimental Forest
Kathleen Heideman (Spring 2010)
Andrews Forest residency documented in multiple blog postings
Jane Hirshfield* (Spring 2010)
Wild Ginger (Orion)
Lichens (The Atlantic)
John Campbell (Spring 2010)
SCOPE: An Andrews Forest Residency


Miriam Sagan (Fall 2009)
Various works
Gary Paul Nabhan* (Fall 2009)
Light Gaps/Dark Gaps//Andrews Forest/Tumamoc Hills; Field Notes/End Notes to a Prose Poem
Tim Fox (Fall 2009)
The Mountain Lion
Primordial Chords
Primordial Chords - July 2014
Barred Owls and Belonging
Jim Dodge (Spring 2009)
(works in progress)
Jerry Martien (Spring 2009)
Pacific Dogwood
return of the dead log people (Video of Jerry reading his poem.)
a ramble in the andrews


Tom Fleischner (Fall 2008)
Journal Excerpts
Winter's First Rains
The Mindfulness of Natural History
Scott Russell Sanders* (Fall 2008)
Log from a Stay at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest
Mind in the Forest
Freeman House* (Spring 2008)
Momento Mori
Varieties of Attentiveness
John Elder* (Spring 2008)
Purity and Change: Reflections in an Old-Growth Forest
Maya Zeller (Spring 2008)
Poems from the Andrews Forest
Elizabeth Bernays (Spring 2008)
Of Moisture and Moss
Laird Christensen (Spring 2008)
The Other Side of the Clearcut
A Tree Falls in the Forest


Joan Maloof (Fall 2007)
Four poems
Jane Coffey (Fall 2007)
Mary Evelyn Tucker * (Fall 2007)
Public Lecture, "The Emerging Alliance of Religion and Ecology," Oct. 26, 2007 to a crowd of about 100 people in OSU Library
Kathie Durbin (Spring 2007)
Reflections on change, natural or otherwise: a forest journal
Christina Lovin (Spring 2007)
Five poems


Kevin McKelvey (Fall 2006)
Three poems
Bill Sherwonit (Fall 2006)
Field Notes
Reflections on Thrush Songs, Newt Tracks and Old-Growth Stands of Trees
Michael Nelson* (Fall 2006)
A Letter to Number 400
Drowning Democritus
Vicki Graham (Spring 2006)
Alison Hawthorne Deming* (Spring 2006)
The Andrews Forest Quartet
The Owl, Spotted
The Web
This Ground Made of Trees
Attending to the Beautiful Mess of the World
Old Growth
Owl Watching in the Experimental Forest - A chapter in: Zoologies: On Animals and the Human Spirit. p. 195-214. Milkweed editions. Minneapolis, MN. 2014.


Pattiann Rogers* (Fall 2005)
This Day, Tomorrow, and the Next
Scott Slovic* (Spring 2005)
Out of Time


Robin Kimmerer* (Fall 2004)
Interview with a watershed
Listening to Water
Witness to the Rain
Robert Michael Pyle* (Spring 2004)
Our very first Writer-in-Resident at the Andrews Experimental Forest
The Long Haul
Reflections: Field Notes, Journal Entries, Essay, Poems, and Comments

Other Visiting Writers:

(works of writers based on their visits to the Forest in Blue River Gathering, dissertation research, and other contexts)

Tom Titus, U. Oregon (June 2014)
Denizens of Decay
Tom Leskiw (Winter 2012)
Pre-Relevance - Writer Leskiw picked up the "pre-relevant" phrase at in a Long-Term Ecological Reflections pesentation at the 2005 meeting of the Association for Study of Literature and Environment and riffs off it in this essay.
Bill Yake (Spring 2011)
Slough, Decay, and the Odor of Soil
Allison Adelle Hedge Coke (Spring 2010)
Came to the forest as part of Dragonfly Eyes field symposium and stayed a few days longer.
Harp Strings - This poem appears in the book Streaming (Coffee House Press, December 2014) and on the CD by the same name with the band Rd Kla (October 6, 2014).
Rob Hoshaw (2009)
Clearcut Ironies; written during a visit while working on his MS thesis at University of Oregon.
The Contribution of Reflective Writing to Ecological Awareness, which is a study of the Reflections program (2009 thesis).
Anita Sullivan
Old Growth Forest; based on visit during Blue River Writers Gathering 2008.
Terre Ryan
Timber culture: scenic Oregon and the aesthetics of clearcuts; a chapter from her PhD. Univ. of Nevada-Reno, which is now a chapter in her book "This Ecstatic Nation: The American Landscape and the Aesthetics of Patriotism" 2011 from Univ. of Massachusetts Press.
David Oates
Field Notes from the Andrews Experimental Forest; based on visit during Blue River Writers Gathering 2006.

Visiting Scholars:

Cristina Eisenberg (2007, 2008, 2009, 2014)
The long view: old-growth rain forest food webs
Environmental Writing and the Ecology of Hope (Published In: flyway, 15 Oct 2014.)
Chris Norment (Fall 2010)
On Coming Out of the Desert, and Into the Rain
Elizabeth Farnsworth (Fall 2010)
In the very large, the very small
Thoughts on a triptych for the Andrews Research Station
A triptych for the Andrews Research Station
Aaron Ellison (Fall 2010)
Decomposition and Memory
The Suffocating Embrace of Landscape and the Picturesque Conditioning of Ecology Landscape Journal 2013