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Information Management

Information Management plays a major role at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) site. Intensive forest ecosystem research, conducted on the Andrews Forest since the 1950's, has resulted in many diverse, long-term ecological databases and a strong commitment to information management. Hundreds of ecological databases are managed through the Forest Science Data Bank (FSDB), which has long been an essential component of the Andrews LTER and is jointly sponsored by the OSU College of Forestry and the US Forest Service PNW. The FSDB is managed through an information management system that supports the collection, quality control, archival and long-term accessibility of collected data and associated metadata. The Andrews LTER maintains an extensive bibliography and image library, and personnel and keyword databases are managed for integrated web searches. The site is also active in LTER network projects including development and maintenance of the ClimDB/HydroDB intersite climate and hydrology database. Collage of data management activities history at the Andrews Experimental Forest

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