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Andrews Forest LTER Monthly Meeting Notes

Friday, November 6

NEXT MEETING: Friday, December 4, 2009, 10 am � noon.

***Please note the new time slot for this year�s monthly meetings. Historically the meetings have been held from 9-11 am. This year the meetings will be from 10 am � noon.

Business Meeting (10�11 am)

ATTENDEES (for the business meeting)
Sherri Johnson (lead), Lina DiGregorio (notes), Don Henshaw, Norm Michaels, Travis Roth, Julie Pett-Ridge, Sarah Shafer, Bob McKane, Tom Whittier, Dana Warren, John Moreau, Chris Daly, Susan Sahnow, Kathy Keable, Suzanne Remillard, Linda Ashkenas, Sherri Johnson, Rob Pabst, Cheryl Friesen, Tom Spies, Craig Creel, Greg Downing.

Julie Pett-Ridge. New faculty in Crop and Soil Science. Isotope geochemist studying soils, streamwater fluxes, controls on weathering rates, nutrient cycling.

Dana Warren. Courtesy faculty in Fish and Wildlife. Stream ecosystems, fish ecology. Biogeochemistry, role of wood in streams.

Tom Whittier. Fisheries and Wildlife. Working at EPA lab on EMAT program. Data guy, aquatic ecosystem conditions in EPA. Looking for work in the Andrews Group.

Bob McKane. Looking for a postdoc for WS01 work and basin-scale work.

Sarah Shafer. Postdoc will be available in the next few weeks. Candidate should have a background in ecosystem processes and also be able to program for model development. Future climate change impacts for areas including the Andrews. Veg response to climate change using models.

Chris Daly. Sent grant proposal to NOAA for climate work at Andrews. Complexities of potential climate change. How models may or may not be able to resolve fine scale changes and differences.

Don Henshaw. Long-Term Agro Program (LTAP) grant. University of Idaho, Washington State, and OSU. Don Henshaw is involved as consultant in data management plan. Received $10K devoted to that work.

There is a call for follow-up proposals to the LTER Network Office from workshops at the All-Scientists Meeting.

New graduate student rep will be Monica Hubbard, who is a grad student in Socioeconomics with Brent Steel. Thanks to Claire Phillips for her 2-year service as LTER Graduate Student Representative.

ONREP. Partnership with HJA for Schoolyard funds. Doing Teachers as Researchers project. Helping teachers connect with research in a way that is relevant to the teachers� work in the classrooms. ONREP just received a new grant to continue that work. Teacher workshops include aquatic ecology in the Mary�s River, the carbon cycle and terrestrial insects at the Andrews Forest, and fish ecology at the Oregon Hatchery Research Center. Kari O�Connell and Susan Sahnow of Oregon State University lead the project.

Kari O�Connell is working on the educational committee for LTER looking at cross-site opportunities to involve teachers. Also involved in proposal to the LTER Network Office for the ASM follow-up workshop for schoolyard LTER and data management.

SITE NEWS (Kathy Keable)
HJA Day. Thursday, June 24, 2010.

Safety Day. Thursday, June 17, 2010.

Christmas party, Tuesday, December 15. Everyone welcome. Potluck style. Contact Kathy Keable for details.

Canopy Connections will happen again in 2010. Eight different classes will come to the Forest in May. Focus will be on Andrews research. Kathy also submitted proposal to USFS for more Kids in the Woods funds.

Office on winter hours, 9 am � 4 pm. Contact office ahead of time, especially if you are bringing a group.

Remodeling two Rainbow Right apartments.

Big groups coming in for November (digital soil mapping, Portland State biology class, environmental humanities retreat).

Meg Mitchell is the new forest supervisor. She�s excited that the region has decided that one of the top priorities is climate change and that the experimental forest is in her region. WNF forest management team will be meeting at HJA in January. Will try to highlight the research there.

Want to get social science more involved in the partnership with WNF. Planning a workshop in July at HJA for social scientists to talk to recreation specialists about recreation and social management issues.

Upcoming Workshops:
� Mixed severity fire workshop.
� Early seral forest workshops. April 28, 2010, at LaSells.

IM UPDATE (Suzanne Remillard)
Data moved to a new server. Updated. Provide more security and speed. Now in SQL Server 2005. Next will move to 2008.

Updating the personnel database. Will have new interface and authentication. Members will receive an email with new passwords and information.

Will be changing the format and process for research projects applications. Will be online. Moving CLIMDB from the Andrews to the Network Office.

Press release. PNW Research Station has gone through a realignment. Our Andrews team has had a few changes. There is a hope that the reorganization is an opportunity to assess how experimental forest is funded. New program name is EPF (Ecological Process and Function).

SCIENCE HOUR (11 am � noon)

Phil Mote, Director of Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI). Climate modeling, observed trends in PNW and plans for OCCRI into the future.

Hodder, J. 2009. What are undergraduates doing at biological field stations and marine laboratories. BioScience 59(8): 666-672. Pub no. 4559 PDF