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Andrews Forest LTER Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2007

NEXT MEETING: December 7, 2007, Richardson Hall 313.


Kari O'Connell (facilitator), Roy Haggerty, Sherri Johnson, Don Henshaw, Travis Roth, Bob McKane, Scott Bridgham, Sarah Shafer, Jeff Miller, Al Levno, Bruce Caldwell, Kate Lajtha, Jay Frentress, Monica Hubbard, Alan Tepley, Randy Wildman, Mark Harmon, Cheryl Friesen, Markus Kleber, Barbara Bond, Theresa Valentine, Fred Swanson, Suzanne Remillard, Lina DiGregorio.


Scott Bridgham. Associate Professor, Center for Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies Program, University of Oregon. Studies wetlands.

Monica Hubbard. PhD student with Brent Steel. Research pertains to LTER. How climate change impacts ecosystem services and rural communities in Oregon.


Special presentation at 10:30 am by Miles Hemstrom, Research Ecologist, US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station. "Stuff happens: estimating probabilities of landscape outcomes under different management scenarios in the upper Deschutes basin."

Ph.D. Defense Presentation: Linkages among Land Use, Riparian Zones, and Uptake and Transformation of Nitrate in Stream Ecosystems, Daniel J. Sobota, Wednesday, November 7, 4:00 pm, Nash 206.

LTER PI budget meeting, November 13, 1 - 3:30 pm in RH313. It is an open meeting. First hour is for PIs funded by LTER5. Second hour open to anyone interested. Discussion about setting priorities for annual supplements.

Dr. Troy Baisden, (Senior Scientist, Carbon Dynamics, National Isotope Centre, GNS Science, New Zealand) will be visiting OSU at the end of November. He will be giving a talk titled "The Carbon Cycle Conundrum: Scaling in Steep and Wet Terrain" on November 30, 3:30-4:30 pm, in MU Room 208. Dr. Baisden will spend a week here. There will be a field trip to HJA on WS10 DOC carbon story. Contact Kate Lajtha if you are interested in joining the group.

Fall 2007 issue of the Andrews Forest Newsletter was published and is available as a PDF from the "What's New" page of the Andrews website.

Oregon State University has applied to become a founding member of the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). NEON has become incorporated and thus is now independent of AIBS and NSF. NEON, Inc., will be drawing from the founding members, in part, to fill their board of directors. The application fees are being generously paid by the Deans of five colleges with faculty with interests in NEON. This includes Agriculture, Engineering, Forestry, Oceanic and Atmospheric Science, and Science. The Research Office has pledged to pay dues for the following 5 years, a long-term commitment that is also quite generous. Dean Sherm Bloomer has agreed to serve as the initial OSU representative.

HJA Day 2007 is scheduled for June 18.

PhD presentation. Daniel J. Sobota. Linkages among Land Use, Riparian Zones, and Uptake and Transformation of Nitrate in Stream Ecosystems. Wednesday, November 7th, 4:00 pm, Nash 206.

Seminar by graduate student Jay Frentress on DOM and Stable isotopes in waters of the Andrews. November 29, 4 pm, ALS 4000.

GIS Day, November 14. Seminar in RH313 at 3 pm. Volunteers needed to help with GPS walk. Contact Theresa Valentine.


Update on fiber optic cable project in Watershed 7. Travis Roth, MS student in biological ecological engineering with John Selker. The fiber optic cable will measure temperature dynamics within snowpack during winter months into snowmelt period. Anne Nolin is collaborating on this project as well. Snowfence goes along road through WS7 from under canopy into opening and back into canopy between Anne's energy balance station and the precipitation collector. The fiber will extend down through WS7 and into WS6, 7, 8 confluence to measure stream temperature and snowmelt dynamics.

LTER6 PROGRESS (Barbara Bond)

February 1 deadline for the proposal. Barb presented the timeline, which is available on the FTP site. They are currently having preliminary budget discussions. Fred Swanson will rotate off as a signatory PI so there will be discussion about a replacement signatory PI. Initial draft of most components is available on the FTP site. Contact Lina DiGregorio for access to FTP. Currently a very rough draft, but Barb encourages people to look if they are interested. Send comments to Barbara Bond directly. November 16 all day retreat to put more pieces together. Goal is to share a more complete proposal with the LTER community by the end of November.


New graduate student representative is Claire Philips, who replaces Holly Barnard. Alan Tepley continues to serve. The grad students had a potluck dinner at the home of Barbara Bond on October 30.


The MRRD is planning thinning in early mature type stands within the Blue River watershed and adjacent to HJA. If you know of satellite research sites from HJA, contact Cheryl Friesen. It has been suggested that a road be put into HJA to access the logging in the adjacent area. That area is intact forest currently. Send any feedback to Cheryl.

Now is an opportunity to think about vegetation treatments or clearing around sites such as met stations. The MRRD can collect KV funds to do restoration activities, monitoring, road repairs. Within a quarter mile off the logged areas and haul routes.

Further discussion is needed to update the information on plantations in the HJA and then learn which sites are potentially thinnable, what our research history has been in that area. And then if we want to thin in regards to research or management. Kari and Sherri will pull together a meeting of people to discuss this further.

Cheryl suggests that the Andrews group should think about what to do in the event of the catastrophic event (fire, south sister blow out).


LTER6 planning. Databases are fairly organized and work priority is established. IM working group met in October. Provided comments about webpages, data access, display of research areas. Add a section in new directions. Will have research areas and a blurb about new directions. We will be updating the research areas. Suzanne will send out an email with instructions and list of needs to PIs in charge of research areas.

Publications: PDFs of pubs need to be sent to Fred or Sherri and entered into Procite database which gets published online. The new pubs will be published online in January. Any new pubs need to be sent as soon as possible. A current pub list will be sent out in November.

Personnel: please update your personnel pages. Contact Suzanne Remillard if you need your username and password information.

Want to make better connections between the database and the collections on OSU campus (entomology, herbarium).


Winter office hours, generally 9-4 Monday through Thursday and 9-noon Friday. Plan in advance before going up to the site. Forest Service safety back up is not provided during the weekends or after hours. OSU researchers need to plan their own safety backup. Jay Sexton (OSU Safety Officer) and FS will meet to discuss how OSU folks can best be prepared.

More lab equipment to give away. Contact Kari O'Connell.


This information was given by Fred Swanson after the LTER monthly meeting.

The Andrews Forest Long-Term Ecological Reflections and Visiting Scholars programs continue to engage new people in the forest. Mary Evelyn Tucker (a scholar at Yale working on religion and ecology) spent the week of September 22 at the forest and gave a lecture on that topic to an attentive audience of 100 on Friday night. Linda Hardison, leader of the Oregon Flora Project, spent a week at the forest as a visiting scholar doing her own writing and considering the future of the Flora Project and potential educational collaborations. Charles Goodrich visited U Nevada-Reno and Sagehen Experimental Forest to help them develop a Reflections-like program. Articles on the Reflections program will appear in the LTER Network Newsletter and Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.


Kokkonen, T.; Koivusalo, H.; Karvonen, T.; Croke, B.; Jakeman, A. 2004. Exploring streamflow response to effective rainfall across event magnitude scale. Hydrological Processes 18: 1467-1486. Pub. No. 4310 PDF