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    Other publications by Mary A. Strand
    Strand, M. A. 1973
    Development of prototype producer-consumer interaction models
    Pub No: 2019

    Strand, M. A. 1973
    Models relating to terrestrial mineral cycling--progress report
    Pub No: 2020

    Strand, M. A., Grier, C. C. 1973
    Seasonal model of litter decomposition in coniferous forests
    Pub No: 2021

    Strand, M. A., Nagel, W. P. 1972
    Preliminary considerations of the forest canopy consumer subsystem
    Pub No: 2022

    Strand, Mary Ann 1971
    Foliage-consuming insects in mixed Douglas-fir and western hemlock forests: annual biomass budget for spruce budworm
    Pub No: 2023

    Strand, Mary Ann 1972
    Annotated bibliography on the role of foliage-feeding insects in the forest ecosystem
    Pub No: 2024

    Strand, Mary Ann 1974
    Canopy food chain in a coniferous forest watershed
    Pub No: 2025