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    Other publications by Gody Spycher
    Greene, S. E., Harcombe, P. A., Harmon, M. E., Spycher, G. 1992
    Patterns of growth mortality and biomass change in a coastal Picea sitchensis - Tsuga heterophylla forest
    Pub No: 1212

    Harmon, Mark E., Baker, Gail A., Spycher, Gody, Greene, Sarah E. 1990
    Leaf-litter decomposition in the Picea - Tsuga forests of Olympic National Park, Washington, USA
    Pub No: 961

    Henshaw, Don, Valentine, Theresa, Spycher, Gody 2000
    Transition from data management to information management [Abstract]
    Pub No: 970

    Henshaw, Donald L., Spycher, Gody 1999
    Evolution of ecological metadata structures at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) site
    Pub No: 2620

    Henshaw, Donald L., Spycher, Gody, Remillard, Suzanne M. 2002
    Transition from a legacy databank to an integrated ecological information system
    Pub No: 3123

    Krankina, Olga N., Kukuev, Yurii A., Treyfeld, Rudolf F., Harmon, Mark E., Kashpor, Nikolai N., Kresnov, Vladimir G., Skudin, Victor M., Protasov, Nikolai, Yatskov, Mikhail A., Spycher, Gody, Povarov, Ewgenii D. 2000
    Coarse woody debris in forest regions of Russia: estimation methods and role in forest management for carbon sequestration [Abstract]
    Pub No: 2903

    Krankina, Olga N., Treyfeld, Rudolf F., Harmon, Mark E., Spycher, Gody, Povarov, Evgenii 2001
    Coarse woody debris in the forests of the St. Petersburg region, Russia
    Pub No: 3047

    Sollins, P., Spycher, G., Glassman, C. A. 1984
    Net nitrogen mineralization from light- and heavy-fraction forest soil organic matter
    Pub No: 1351

    Sollins, Phillip, Cline, Steven P., Verhoeven, Thomas, Sachs, Donald, Spycher, Gody 1987
    Patterns of log decay in old-growth Douglas-fir forests
    Pub No: 720

    Spycher, G., Cushing, J. B., Henshaw, D. L., Stafford, S. G., Nadkarni, N. 1996
    Solving problems for validation, federation, and migration of ecological databases
    Pub No: 2292

    Spycher, Gody, Rose, Sharon L., Sollins, Phillip, Norgren, Joel, Young, J. Lowell, Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1986
    Evolution of structure in a chronosequence of andesitic forest soils
    Pub No: 1098

    Spycher, Gody, Sollins, Phillip, Rose, Sharon 1983
    Carbon and nitrogen in the light fraction of a forest soil: vertical distribution and seasonal patterns
    Pub No: 2011

    Stafford, Susan G., Spycher, Gody, Klopsch, Mark W. 1988
    Evolution of the Forest Science Data Bank
    Pub No: 759