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    Other publications by Phillip Sollins
    Binkley, Dan, Bell, Randy, Sollins, Phillip 1992
    Comparison of methods for estimating soil nitrogen transformations in adjacent conifer and alder-conifer forests
    Pub No: 1304

    Binkley, Dan, Sollins, Phillip 1990
    Factors determining differences in soil pH in adjacent conifer and alder-conifer stands
    Pub No: 1079

    Binkley, Dan, Sollins, Phillip, Bell, Randy, Sachs, Don, Myrold, David 1992
    Biogeochemistry of adjacent conifer and alder-conifer stands
    Pub No: 1080

    Binkley, Dan, Sollins, Phillip, McGill, William B. 1985
    Natural abundance of nitrogen-15 as a tool for tracing alder-fixed nitrogen
    Pub No: 886

    Boone, Richard D., Grigal, David F., Sollins, Phillip, Ahrens, Robert J., Armstrong, David E. 1999
    Soil sampling, preparation, archiving, and quality control
    Pub No: 2706

    Boone, Richard D., Sollins, Phillip, Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1988
    Stand and soil changes along a mountain hemlock death and regrowth sequence
    Pub No: 2130

    Christy, E. Jennifer, Sollins, Phillip, Trappe, James M. 1982
    First-year survival of Tsuga heterophylla without mycorrhizae and subsequent ectomycorrhizal development on decaying logs and mineral soil
    Pub No: 1715

    Cohen, W. B., Harmon, M. E., Wallin, D. O., Ferrell, W. K., Homann, P., Sollins, P., Fiorella, M. 1993
    Modeling the effects of land use on carbon storage in forests of the Pacific Northwest: a test of methods
    Pub No: 1434

    Cohen, Warren B., Sollins, Phillip, Homann, Peter, Ferrell, William K., Harmon, Mark E., Wallin, David O., Fiorella, Maria 1994
    Using a GIS to model the effects of land use on carbon storage in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, USA
    Pub No: 1600

    Cohen, Warren B., Wallin, David O., Harmon, Mark E., Sollins, Philip, Daly, Christopher, Ferrell, William K. 1992
    Modeling the effect of land use on carbon storage in the forests of the Pacific Northwest
    Pub No: 1305

    Cromack, K., Jr., Fogel, R., Todd, R., Sollins, P. 1975
    The role of fungi and associated bacteria in cycling of calcium and other cations within terrestrial ecosystems [Abstract]
    Pub No: 1722

    Cromack, K., Jr., Sollins, P., Todd, R. L., Crossley, D. A., Jr., Fender, W. M., Fogel, R., Todd, A. W. 1977
    Soil microorganism-arthropod interactions: fungi as major calcium and sodium sources
    Pub No: 1723

    Cromack, K., Jr., Sollins, P., Todd, R. L., Fogel, R., Todd, A. W., Fender, W. M., Crossley, M. E., Crossley, D. A., Jr. 1977
    The role of oxalic acid and bicarbonate in calcium cycling by fungi and bacteria: some possible implications for soil animals
    Pub No: 529

    Edmonds, Robert L., Binkley, Dan, Feller, Michael C., Sollins, Phillip, Abee, Albert, Myrold, David D. 1989
    Nutrient cycling: effects on productivity of Northwest forests
    Pub No: 949

    Furrer, Gerhard, Westall, John, Sollins, Phillip 1989
    The study of soil chemistry through quasi-steady-state models: 1. Mathematical definition of model
    Pub No: 1020

    Graustein, William C., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Sollins, Phillip 1977
    Calcium oxalate: occurrence in soils and effect on nutrient and geochemical cycles
    Pub No: 532

    Griffiths, Robert P., Caldwell, Bruce A., Sollins, Phillip 1993
    Effects of vegetation regime on denitrification potential in two tropical volcanic soils
    Pub No: 1467

    Grigal, David F., Bell, James C., Ahrens, Robert J., Boone, Richard D., Kelly, Eugene F., Monger, H. Curtis, Sollins, Phillip 1999
    Site and landscape characterization for ecological studies
    Pub No: 2707

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    Ecology of coarse woody debris in temperate ecosystems
    Pub No: 42

    Hart, Stephen C., Sollins, Phil 1998
    Soil carbon and nitrogen pools and processes in an old-growth conifer forest 13 years after trenching
    Pub No: 2491

    Heath, B., Sollins, P., Perry, D. A., Cromack, K., Jr. 1988
    Asymbiotic nitrogen fixation in litter from Pacific Northwest forests
    Pub No: 885

    Homann, P. S., Sollins, P., Chappell, H. N., Cohen, W. B., Ferrell, W. K., Harmon, M. E., Wallin, D. O., Fiorella, M. 1993
    Contribution of soils to organic C storage in western Oregon forest ecosystems [Poster]
    Pub No: 1574

    Homann, P. S., Sollins, P., Chappell, H. N., Stangenberger, A. G. 1995
    Soil organic carbon in a mountainous, forested region: relation to site characteristics
    Pub No: 1626

    Homann, P. S., Sollins, P., Fiorella, M., Thorson, T., Kern, J. S. 1998
    Regional soil organic carbon storage estimates for western Oregon by multiple approaches
    Pub No: 2543

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    Belowground processes in forest-ecosystem biogeochemical simulation models
    Pub No: 2638

    Jandl, R., Sollins, P. 1997
    Water-extractable soil carbon in relation to the belowground carbon cycle
    Pub No: 2422

    Kimmins, J. P., Sollins, P. 1989
    Modelling long-term forest productivity
    Pub No: 968

    Lajtha, K., Crow, S. E., Yano, Y., Kaushal, S. S., Sulzman, E., Sollins, P., Spears, J. D. H. 2005
    Detrital controls on soil solution N and dissolved organic matter in soils: a field experiment
    Pub No: 3524

    Lajtha, Kate, Jarrell, Wesley M., Johnson, Dale W., Sollins, Phillip 1999
    Collection of soil solution
    Pub No: 2712

    Perry, D. A., Borchers, J. G., Turner, D. P., Gregory, S. V., Perry, C. R., Dixon, R. K., Hart, S. C., Kauffman, B., Neilson, R. P., Sollins, P. 1991
    Biological feedbacks to climate change terrestrial ecosystems as sinks and sources of carbon and nitrogen
    Pub No: 1268

    Powers, Jennifer Sarah, Sollins, Phillip, Harmon, Mark E., Jones, Julia A. 1999
    Plant-pest interactions in time and space: a Douglas-fir bark beetle outbreak as a case study
    Pub No: 2579

    Preston, Caroline M., Sollins, Phillip, Sayer, Brian G. 1990
    Changes in organic components for fallen logs in old-growth Douglas-fir forests monitored by 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
    Pub No: 1140

    Radulovich, R., Sollins, P. 1987
    Improved performance of zero-tension lysimeters
    Pub No: 2166

    Radulovich, R., Sollins, P., Baveye, P., Solórzano, E. 1992
    Bypass water flow through unsaturated microaggregated tropical soils
    Pub No: 1306

    Radulovich, Ricardo, Sollins, Phillip 1991
    Nitrogen and phosphorus leaching in zero-tension drainage from a humid tropical soil
    Pub No: 1302

    Robertson, G. Philip, Coleman, David C., Bledsoe, Caroline S., Sollins, Phillip 1999
    Standard soil methods for long-term ecological research
    Pub No: 2705

    Robertson, G. Philip, Sollins, Phillip, Ellis, Boyd G., Lajtha, Kate 1999
    Exchangeable ions, pH, and cation exchange capacity
    Pub No: 2709

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    Potential effects of management practices on nitrogen nutrition and long-term productivity of western hemlock stands
    Pub No: 888

    Sachs, Donald L., Sollins, Phillip, Cohen, Warren B. 1998
    Detecting landscape changes in the interior of British Columbia from 1975 to 1992 using satellite imagery
    Pub No: 2429

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    Nitrogen fixation and acetylene reduction in decaying conifer boles: effects of incubation time, aeration, and moisture content
    Pub No: 2003

    Sollins, P., Bringmark, L., McCorison, F. Michael, Johnson, D. 1977
    Contrasting element cycles in taiga and temperate coniferous forests [Abstract]
    Pub No: 2006

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    Changes in nitrogen cycling at an old-growth Douglas-fir site after disturbance
    Pub No: 594

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    10. Analysis of forest growth and water balance using complex ecosystem models
    Pub No: 2008

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    Pub No: 135

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    Nitrogen and carbon solution chemistry of an old growth coniferous forest watershed before and after cutting
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    Net nitrogen mineralization from light- and heavy-fraction forest soil organic matter
    Pub No: 1351

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    A systematic framework for modeling and studying the physiology of a coniferous forest ecosystem
    Pub No: 2009

    Sollins, Phillip 1982
    Input and decay of coarse woody debris in coniferous stands in western Oregon and Washington
    Pub No: 907

    Sollins, Phillip 1991
    Effects of soil microstructure on phosphorus sorption in soils of the humid tropics
    Pub No: 1303

    Sollins, Phillip, Brown, Alfred T., Swartzman, Gordon L. 1979
    CONIFER: a model of carbon and water flow through a coniferous forest. Revised documentation
    Pub No: 2007

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    Patterns of log decay in old-growth Douglas-fir forests
    Pub No: 720

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    The role of low-molecular-weight organic acids in the inorganic nutrition of fungi and higher plants
    Pub No: 1067

    Sollins, Phillip, Glassman, Carol A., Dahm, Clifford N. 1985
    Composition and possible origin of detrital material in streams
    Pub No: 669

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    Soil carbon and nitrogen: pools and fractions
    Pub No: 2708

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    Stabilization and destabilization of soil organic matter: mechanisms and controls
    Pub No: 1374

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    Nutrient mobility in variable- and permanent-charge soils
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    Pub No: 1301

    Sollins, Phillip, Swanston, Christopher, Kleber, Markus, Filley, Timothy, Kramer, Marc, Crow, Susan, Caldwell, Bruce A., Lajtha, Kate, Bowden, Richard 2006
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    Pub No: 4183

    Spycher, Gody, Rose, Sharon L., Sollins, Phillip, Norgren, Joel, Young, J. Lowell, Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1986
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    Pub No: 1098

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    Carbon and nitrogen in the light fraction of a forest soil: vertical distribution and seasonal patterns
    Pub No: 2011

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    Improved method for separating light- and heavy-fraction organic material from soil
    Pub No: 2185

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    Aggregation and aggregate stability in forest and range soils
    Pub No: 2186

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    Rapid stabilization and mobilization of 15-N in forest and range soils
    Pub No: 1299

    Swanston, Christopher, Caldwell, Bruce A., Homann, Peter S., Ganio, Lisa, Sollins, Phillip 2002
    Carbon dynamics during a long-term incubation of separate and recombined density fractions from seven forest soils
    Pub No: 3209

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    Long-term effects of elevated nitrogen on forest soil organic matter stability
    Pub No: 4339

    Vaché, Kellie, Breuer, Lutz, Jones, Julia, Sollins, Phil 2015
    Catchment-Scale Modeling of Nitrogen Dynamics in a Temperate Forested Watershed, Oregon. An Interdisciplinary Communication Strategy
    Pub No: 4912

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    Biodegradation and regeneration of water-soluble carbon in a forest soil: leaching column study
    Pub No: 3103

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    Modeling the effect of land-use on carbon storage in public and private forests in the Pacific Northwest: 1972-1992 [Abstract]
    Pub No: 1582

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    Characteristics of DOC and its stabilization in forest soils [Abstract]
    Pub No: 3023

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    Characteristics of dissolved organic matter and its stabilization in forest soil [Abstract]
    Pub No: 3019

    Yano, Yuriko, Lajtha, Kate, Sollins, Phillip, Caldwell, Bruce A. 2004
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    Pub No: 3671

    Yano, Yuriko, Lajtha, Kate, Sollins, Phillip, Caldwell, Bruce A. 2005
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    Pub No: 3867