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    Other publications by Martha A. Sherwood
    Carroll, George C., Pike, Lawrence H., Perkins, John R., Sherwood, Martha 1980
    Biomass and distribution patterns of conifer twig microepiphytes in a Douglas fir forest
    Pub No: 1709

    Denison, William C., Tracy, Diane M., Rhoades, Frederick M., Sherwood, Martha 1972
    Direct, nondestructive measurement of biomass and structure in living, old-growth Douglas-fir
    Pub No: 1737

    Pike, Lawrence H., Denison, William C., Tracy, Diane M., Sherwood, Martha A., Rhoades, Frederick M. 1975
    Floristic survey of epiphytic lichens and bryophytes growing on old-growth conifers in western Oregon
    Pub No: 1958

    Pike, Lawrence H., Tracy, Diane M., Sherwood, Martha A., Nielsen, Diane 1972
    Estimates of biomass and fixed nitrogen of epiphytes from old-growth Douglas-fir
    Pub No: 1960

    Sherwood, Martha A. 1973
    Microfungi of the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest: a preliminary checklist
    Pub No: 1996

    Sherwood, Martha, Carroll, George 1974
    Fungal succession on needles and young twigs of old-growth Douglas-fir
    Pub No: 1995

    Stone, Jeffrey K., Sherwood, Martha A., Carroll, George C. 1996
    Canopy microfungi: function and diversity
    Pub No: 3445