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    Other publications by Peter S. Homann
    Cohen, W. B., Harmon, M. E., Wallin, D. O., Ferrell, W. K., Homann, P., Sollins, P., Fiorella, M. 1993
    Modeling the effects of land use on carbon storage in forests of the Pacific Northwest: a test of methods
    Pub No: 1434

    Cohen, Warren B., Sollins, Phillip, Homann, Peter, Ferrell, William K., Harmon, Mark E., Wallin, David O., Fiorella, Maria 1994
    Using a GIS to model the effects of land use on carbon storage in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, USA
    Pub No: 1600

    Griffiths, R. P., Homann, P. S., Riley, R. 1998
    Denitrification enzyme activity of Douglas-fir and red alder forest soils of the Pacific Northwest
    Pub No: 1469

    Homann, P. S., Remillard, S. M., Harmon, M. E., Bormann, B. T. 2004
    Carbon storage in coarse and fine fractions of Pacific Northwest old-growth forest soils
    Pub No: 3756

    Homann, P. S., Sollins, P., Chappell, H. N., Cohen, W. B., Ferrell, W. K., Harmon, M. E., Wallin, D. O., Fiorella, M. 1993
    Contribution of soils to organic C storage in western Oregon forest ecosystems [Poster]
    Pub No: 1574

    Homann, P. S., Sollins, P., Chappell, H. N., Stangenberger, A. G. 1995
    Soil organic carbon in a mountainous, forested region: relation to site characteristics
    Pub No: 1626

    Homann, P. S., Sollins, P., Fiorella, M., Thorson, T., Kern, J. S. 1998
    Regional soil organic carbon storage estimates for western Oregon by multiple approaches
    Pub No: 2543

    Homann, Peter S., Harmon, Mark, Remillard, Suzanne, Smithwick, Erica A. H. 2005
    What the soil reveals: potential total ecosystem C stores of the Pacific Northwest region, USA
    Pub No: 3773

    Homann, Peter S., McKane, Robert B., Sollins, Phillip 2000
    Belowground processes in forest-ecosystem biogeochemical simulation models
    Pub No: 2638

    Sollins, Phillip, Homann, Peter, Caldwell, Bruce A. 1996
    Stabilization and destabilization of soil organic matter: mechanisms and controls
    Pub No: 1374

    Swanston, Christopher, Caldwell, Bruce A., Homann, Peter S., Ganio, Lisa, Sollins, Phillip 2002
    Carbon dynamics during a long-term incubation of separate and recombined density fractions from seven forest soils
    Pub No: 3209

    Swanston, Christopher, Homann, Peter S., Caldwell, Bruce A., Myrold, David D., Ganio, Lisa, Sollins, Phillip 2004
    Long-term effects of elevated nitrogen on forest soil organic matter stability
    Pub No: 4339

    Wallin, David O., Harmon, Mark E., Cohen, Warren B., Ferrel, William K., Sollins, Phillip, Homann, Peter, Fiorella, Maria, Daly, Chris 1993
    Modeling the effect of land-use on carbon storage in public and private forests in the Pacific Northwest: 1972-1992 [Abstract]
    Pub No: 1582