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    Other publications by Andrew J. Hansen
    Garman, S. L., Hansen, A. J., Urban, D. L., Lee, P. F. 1992
    Alternative silvicultural practices and diversity of animal habitat in western Oregon: a computer simulation approach
    Pub No: 1356

    Garman, Steven L., Hansen, Andrew J., Lee, Pei-Fen 1991
    Responses of plant and animal habitat diversity to forest management and climate change: a modeling approach
    Pub No: 1260

    Hansen, A. H., Patten, R. S., DeGayner, G., Marks, B. 1994
    Demonstration of landscape modeling and analysis: Mitkof Island, Tongass National Forest
    Pub No: 2107

    Hansen, A. J., Garman, S. L., Lee, P., Horvath, E. 1993
    Do edge effects influence tree growth rates in Douglas-fir plantations?
    Pub No: 1376

    Hansen, A. J., Spies, T. A., Swanson, F. J., Ohmann, J. L. 1991
    Conserving biodiversity in managed forests
    Pub No: 1200

    Hansen, Andrew J., di Castri, Francesco 1992
    Landscape boundaries: consequences for biotic diversity and ecological flows
    Pub No: 1367

    Hansen, Andrew J., Garman, Steven L., Marks, Barbara, Urban, Dean L. 1993
    An approach for managing vertebrate diversity across multiple-use landscapes
    Pub No: 1257

    Hansen, Andrew J., Garman, Steven L., Marks, Barbara, Urban, Dean L. 1996
    An approach for managing vertebrate diversity across multiple use landscapes
    Pub No: 3041

    Hansen, Andrew J., Garman, Steven L., Weigand, James F., Urban, Dean L., McComb, William C., Raphael, Martin G. 1995
    Alternative silvicultural regimes in the Pacific Northwest: simulations of ecological and economic effects
    Pub No: 1524

    Hansen, Andrew J., Hounihan, Patrick 1996
    Canopy tree retention and avian diversity in the Oregon Cascades
    Pub No: 1512

    Hansen, Andrew J., McComb, William C., Vega, Robyn, Raphael, Martin G., Hunter, Matthew 1995
    Bird habitat relationships in natural and managed forests in the west Cascades of Oregon
    Pub No: 1789

    Hansen, Andrew J., Patten, Robin, DeGayner, Eugene, Marks, Barbara L. 1996
    Simulating forest and habitat change in south-east Alaska with the landscape model PAYSAGE
    Pub No: 2521

    Hansen, Andrew J., Rasker, Ray, Maxwell, Bruce, Rotella, Jay J., Johnson, Jerry D., Parmenter, Andrea Wright , Langner, Ute, Cohen, Warren B., Lawrence, Rick L., Kraska, Matthew P. V. 2002
    Ecological causes and consequences of demographic change in the New West
    Pub No: 2924

    Hansen, Andrew J., Urban, Dean L. 1992
    Avian response to landscape pattern: the role of species' life histories
    Pub No: 1381

    Hansen, Andrew J., Urban, Dean L., Garman, Steve, Noon, Barry R., McComb, William C. 1990
    Responses of wildlife habitats to forest management and climate change: a modeling approach
    Pub No: 1155

    Hansen, Andrew J., Vega, Robyn M., McKee, Arthur W., Moldenke, Andrew 1994
    Ecological processes linking forest structure and avian diversity in western Oregon
    Pub No: 1462

    Hansen, Andrew, Ripple, William, Perry, David, Garman, Steven, Neilson, Ron, Spies, Thomas, Wallin, David, Cohen, Warren, Lehmkuhl, John 1993
    Modeling vertebrate habitats in Pacific Northwest forests under global change conceptual and methodological issues
    Pub No: 1384

    Hansen, Andrew, Urban, Dean L., Marks, Barbara 1992
    Avian community dynamics: the interplay of landscape trajectories and species life histories
    Pub No: 1269

    Hansen, Andy 1990
    Managing species diversity on forest lands
    Pub No: 1146

    Means, Joe, Swanson, Fred, Hansen, Andy 1992
    Integration of COPE drainage basin studies
    Pub No: 2269

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    Land use and land cover change in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem: 1975-95
    Pub No: 3061

    Powell, Scott L., Hansen, Andrew J., Cohen, Warren B. 2008
    Mapping the extent and distribution of conifer cover increase in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem
    Pub No: 4004

    Urban, Dean L., Hansen, Andrew J., Wallin, David O., Halpin, Patrick J. 1992
    Life-history attributes and biodiversity: scaling implications for global change
    Pub No: 1258