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    Other publications by J. M. Warren
    Domec, J.-C., Warren, J. M., Meinzer, F. C., Brooks, J. R., Coulombe, R. 2004
    Native root xylem embolism and stomatal closure in stands of Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine: mitigation by hydraulic redistribution
    Pub No: 4107

    Meinzer, F. C., Bond, B. J., Warren, J. M., Woodruff, D. R. 2005
    Does water transport scale universally with tree size?
    Pub No: 4111

    Meinzer, F. C., Brooks, J. R., Bucci, S., Goldstein, G., Scholz, F. G., Warren, J. M. 2004
    Converging patterns of uptake and hydraulic redistribution of soil water in contrasting woody vegetation types
    Pub No: 4110

    Warren, J. M., Meinzer, F. C., Brooks, J. R., Domec, J. C. 2005
    Vertical stratification of soil water storage and release dynamics in Pacific Northwest coniferous forests
    Pub No: 4108