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    Other publications by Matthias Falk
    Chen, Jiquan, Falk, Matthias, Euskirchen, Eugénie, Paw U, Kyaw Tha , Suchanek, Thomas H., Ustin, Susan L., Bond, Barbara J., Brosofske, Kimberley D., Phillips, Nathan, Bi, Runcheng 2002
    Biophysical controls of carbon flows in three successional Douglas-fir stands based on eddy-covariance measurements
    Pub No: 3467

    Paw U, Kyaw Tha, Falk, Matthias, Suchanek, Thomas H., Ustin, Susan L., Chen, Jiquan, Young-San, Park, Winner, William E., Thomas, Sean C., Hsiao, Theodore C., Shaw, Roger H., King, Thomas S., Pyles, R. David, Schroeder, Matt, Matista, Anthony A. 2004
    Carbon dioxide exchange between an old-growth forest and the atmosphere
    Pub No: 3539

    Thornton, P. E., Law, B. E., Gholz, Henry L., Clark, Kenneth L., Falge, E., Ellsworth, D. S., Goldstein, A. H., Monson, R. K., Hollinger, D., Falk, M., Chen, J., Sparks, J. P. 2002
    Modeling and measuring the effects of disturbance history and climate on carbon and water budgets in evergreen needleleaf forests
    Pub No: 3998

    Unsworth, Michael H., Phillips, Nathan, Link, T., Bond, Barbara J., Falk, Matthias, Harmon, Mark E., Hinckley, Thomas M., Marks, Danny, Paw U, Kyaw Tha 2004
    Components and controls of water flux in an old-growth Douglas-fir--western hemlock ecosystem
    Pub No: 3543