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    Other publications by Kermit Cromack Jr.
    Antos, Joseph A., Halpern, Charles B., Miller, Richard E., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Halaj, Melora G. 2003
    Temporal and spatial changes in soil carbon and nitrogen after clearcutting and burning of an old-growth Douglas-fir forest
    Pub No: 2771

    Binkley, Dan, Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Fredriksen, Richard L. 1982
    Nitrogen accretion and availability in some snowbrush ecosystems
    Pub No: 633

    Boone, Richard D., Sollins, Phillip, Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1988
    Stand and soil changes along a mountain hemlock death and regrowth sequence
    Pub No: 2130

    Bormann, B. T., Spaltenstein, H., McClellan, M. H., Ugolini, F. C., Cromack, K., Jr., Nay, S. M. 1995
    Rapid soil development after windthrow disturbance in pristine forests
    Pub No: 2697

    Bottomley, P. J., Taylor, A. E., Boyle, S. A., McMahon, S. K., Rich, J. J., Cromack, K., Jr., Myrold, D. D. 2004
    Responses of nitrification and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria to reciprocal transfers of soil between adjacent coniferous forest and meadow vegetation in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon
    Pub No: 3875

    Bottomley, P. J., Yarwood, R. R., Kageyama, S. A., Waterstripe, K. E., Williams, M. A., Cromack, K., Jr., Myrold, D. D. 2006
    Responses of soil bacterial and fungal communities to reciprocal transfers of soil between adjacent coniferous forest and meadow vegetation in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon
    Pub No: 4230

    Boyle, Stephanie A., Rich, Jeremy J., Bottomley, Peter J., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Myrold, David D. 2006
    Reciprocal transfer effects on denitrifying community composition and activity at forest and meadow sites in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon
    Pub No: 4196

    Conard, Susan G., Jaramillo, Annabelle E., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Rose, Sharon 1985
    The role of the genus Ceanothus in western forest ecosystems
    Pub No: 31

    Cromack, K., Jr., Delwiche, C. C., McNabb, D. H. 1979
    Prospects and problems of nitrogen management using symbiotic nitrogen fixers
    Pub No: 2135

    Cromack, K., Jr., Fogel, R., Todd, R., Sollins, P. 1975
    The role of fungi and associated bacteria in cycling of calcium and other cations within terrestrial ecosystems [Abstract]
    Pub No: 1722

    Cromack, K., Jr., Sollins, P., Todd, R. L., Crossley, D. A., Jr., Fender, W. M., Fogel, R., Todd, A. W. 1977
    Soil microorganism-arthropod interactions: fungi as major calcium and sodium sources
    Pub No: 1723

    Cromack, K., Jr., Sollins, P., Todd, R. L., Fogel, R., Todd, A. W., Fender, W. M., Crossley, M. E., Crossley, D. A., Jr. 1977
    The role of oxalic acid and bicarbonate in calcium cycling by fungi and bacteria: some possible implications for soil animals
    Pub No: 529

    Cromack, K., Jr., Swanson, F. J., Grier, C. C. 1980
    A comparison of harvesting methods and their impact on soils and environment in the Pacific Northwest
    Pub No: 568

    Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Fichter, B. L., Moldenke, A. M., Entry, J. A., Ingham, E. R. 1988
    Interactions between soil animals and ectomycorrhizal fungal mats
    Pub No: 944

    Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Fichter, B. L., Moldenke, A. R., Entry, J. A., Ingham, E. R. 1988
    Interactions between soil animals and ectomycorrhizal fungal mats
    Pub No: 2136

    Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Monk, Carl D. 1975
    Litter production, decomposition, and nutrient cycling in a mixed hardwood watershed and a white pine watershed
    Pub No: 774

    Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Todd, Robert L., Monk, Carl D. 1975
    Patterns of basidiomycete nutrient accumulation in conifer and deciduous forest litter
    Pub No: 773

    Elliott, J. C., Smith, J. E., Cromack, K., Jr., Chen, H., McKay, D. 2007
    Chemistry and ectomycorrhizal communities of coarse wood in young and old-growth forests in the Cascade Range of Oregon
    Pub No: 4338

    Fogel, Robert, Cromack, Kermit 1974
    Terrestrial decomposition 1973: a synopsis
    Pub No: 1756

    Fogel, Robert, Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1977
    Effect of habitat and substrate quality on Douglas fir litter decomposition in western Oregon
    Pub No: 524

    Franklin, Jerry F., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Denison, William, McKee, Arthur, Maser, Chris, Sedell, James, Swanson, Fred, Juday, Glen 1981
    Ecological characteristics of old-growth Douglas-fir forests
    Pub No: 125

    Gholz, Henry L., Hawk, Glenn M., Campbell, Alsie, Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Brown, Alfred T. 1984
    Early vegetation recovery and element cycles on a clear-cut watershed in western Oregon
    Pub No: 1346

    Giesen, T. W., Perakis, S. S., Cromack, K., Jr. 2008
    Four centuries of soil carbon and nitrogen change after stand-replacing fire in a forest landscape in the western Cascade Range of Oregon
    Pub No: 4467

    Graham, Robin Lambert, Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1982
    Mass, nutrient content, and decay rate of dead boles in rain forests of Olympic National Park
    Pub No: 127

    Graustein, William C., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Sollins, Phillip 1977
    Calcium oxalate: occurrence in soils and effect on nutrient and geochemical cycles
    Pub No: 532

    Griffiths, R. P., Ingham, E. R., Caldwell, B. A., Castellano, M. A., Cromack K., Jr 1991
    Microbial characteristics of ectomycorrhizal mat communities in Oregon and California
    Pub No: 1233

    Griffiths, Robert P., Caldwell, Bruce A., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Morita, Richard Y. 1990
    Douglas-fir forest soils colonized by ectomycorrhizal mats. I. Seasonal variation in nitrogen chemistry and nitrogen cycle transformation rates
    Pub No: 955

    Halpern, Charles B., Antos, Joseph A., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Olson, Annette M. 1992
    Species interactions and plant diversity during secondary succession
    Pub No: 1406

    Harmon, M. E., Franklin, J. F., Swanson, F. J., Sollins, P., Gregory, S. V., Lattin, J. D., Anderson, N. H., Cline, S. P., Aumen, N. G., Sedell, J. R., Lienkaemper, G. W., Cromack, K., Jr., Cummins, K. W. 1986
    Ecology of coarse woody debris in temperate ecosystems
    Pub No: 42

    Harmon, Mark E., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Smith, Bradley G. 1987
    Coarse woody debris in mixed-conifer forests, Sequoia National Park, California
    Pub No: 9

    Heath, B., Sollins, P., Perry, D. A., Cromack, K., Jr. 1988
    Asymbiotic nitrogen fixation in litter from Pacific Northwest forests
    Pub No: 885

    Hibbs, David E., Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1990
    Actinorhizal plants in Pacific Northwest forests
    Pub No: 932

    Kageyama, Stacie A., Posavatz, Nancy Ritchie, Waterstripe, Kirk E., Jones, Sarah J., Bottomley, Peter J., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Myrold, David D. 2008
    Fungal and bacterial communities across meadow-forest ecotones in the western Cascades of Oregon
    Pub No: 4341

    Maser, Chris, Cline, Steven P., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Trappe, James M., Hansen, Everett 1988
    What we know about large trees that fall to the forest floor
    Pub No: 873

    McClellan, Michael H., Bormann, Bernard T., Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1990
    Cellulose decomposition in southeast Alaskan forests: effects of pit and mound microrelief and burial depth
    Pub No: 1117

    McNabb, D. H., Cromack, K., Jr., Fredriksen, R. L. 1986
    Variability of nitrogen and carbon in surface soils of six forest types in the Oregon Cascades
    Pub No: 682

    McNabb, D. H., Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1983
    Dinitrogen fixation by a mature Ceanothus velutinus (Dougl.) stand in the western Oregon Cascades
    Pub No: 650

    Means, J. E., MacMillan, P. C., Cromack, K., Jr. 1992
    Biomass and nutrient content of Douglas-fir logs and other detrital pools in an old-growth forest, Oregon, U.S.A.
    Pub No: 1285

    Means, Joseph E., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., MacMillan, Paul C. 1981
    Fitting decomposition models to Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) log density data in a 450-year-old forest [Abstract]
    Pub No: 1921

    Means, Joseph E., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., MacMillan, Paul C. 1984
    Biomass and element content of Douglas-fir logs in the western Cascades [Abstract]
    Pub No: 1922

    Means, Joseph E., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., MacMillan, Paul C. 1985
    Comparison of decomposition models using wood density of Douglas-fir logs
    Pub No: 47

    Mintie, A. T., Heichen, R. S., Cromack, K., Jr., Myrold, D. D., Bottomley, P. J. 2003
    Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria along meadow-to-forest transects in the Oregon Cascade Mountains
    Pub No: 3781

    Rich, J. J., Heichen, R. S., Bottomley, P. J., Cromack, K., Jr., Myrold, D. D. 2003
    Community composition and functioning of denitrifying bacteria from adjacent meadow and forest soils
    Pub No: 3676

    Sollins, P., Cromack, K., Jr., McCorison, F. M., Waring, R. H., Harr, R. D. 1981
    Changes in nitrogen cycling at an old-growth Douglas-fir site after disturbance
    Pub No: 594

    Sollins, P., Grier, C. C., McCorison, F. M., Cromack, K., Jr., Fogel, R., Fredriksen, R. L. 1980
    The internal element cycles of an old-growth Douglas-fir ecosystem in western Oregon
    Pub No: 135

    Sollins, Phillip, Cromack, Kermit, Jr. , Fogel, Robert, Li, Ching Yan 1981
    The role of low-molecular-weight organic acids in the inorganic nutrition of fungi and higher plants
    Pub No: 1067

    Spycher, Gody, Rose, Sharon L., Sollins, Phillip, Norgren, Joel, Young, J. Lowell, Cromack, Kermit, Jr. 1986
    Evolution of structure in a chronosequence of andesitic forest soils
    Pub No: 1098

    Swanson, F. J., Swanston, D. N., Dyrness, C. T., Cromack, K., Fredriksen, R. L., Moore, D. G., Glenn, L. F. 1973
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    Pub No: 2029

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    Chemical exloration of the microhabitat by electron probe microanalysis of decomposer organisms
    Pub No: 432

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    Pub No: 1354

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    Pub No: 2631

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    Pub No: 2191