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    Other publications by Beverly E. Law
    Bowling, D. R., McDowell, N. G., Welker, J. M., Bond, B. J., Law, B. E., Ehleringer, J. R. 2003
    Oxygen isotope content of CO2 in nocturnal ecosystem respiration: 1. Observations in forests along a precipitation transect in Oregon, USA
    Pub No: 4102

    Bowling, D. R., McDowell, N. G., Welker, J. M., Bond, B. J., Law, B. E., Ehleringer, J. R. 2003
    Oxygen isotope content of CO2 in nocturnal ecosystem respiration: 2. Short-term dynamics of foliar and soil component fluxes in an old-growth ponderosa pine forest
    Pub No: 4103

    Bowling, David R., McDowell, Nate G., Bond, Barbara J., Law, Beverly E., Ehleringer, James R. 2002
    13C content of ecosystem respiration is linked to precipitation and vapor pressure deficit
    Pub No: 4104

    Campbell, J. L., Sun, O. J., Law, B. E. 2004
    Supply-side controls on soil respiration among Oregon forests
    Pub No: 4077

    Campbell, John L., Sun, O. J., Law, B. E. 2004
    Disturbance and net ecosystem production across three climatically distinct forest landscapes
    Pub No: 4320

    Goward, S. N., Masek, J. G., Cohen, W., Moisen, G., Collatz, G. J., Healey, S., Houghton, R. A., Huang, C., Kennedy, R., Law, B., Powell, S., Turner, D., Wulder, M. A. 2008
    Forest disturbance and North American carbon flux
    Pub No: 4371

    Halofsky, J. E., Donato, D. C., Hibbs, D. E., Campbell, J. L., Cannon, M. Donaghy, Fontaine, J. B., Thompson, J. R., Anthony, R. G., Bormann, B. T., Kayes, L. J., Law, B. E., Peterson, D. L., Spies, T.A. 2011
    Mixed-severity fire regimes: lessons and hypotheses from the Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion
    Pub No: 4659

    Irvine, G., Law, B. E., Anthoni, P. M., Meinzer, F. C. 2002
    Water limitations to carbon exchange in old-growth and young ponderosa pine stands
    Pub No: 3584

    Irvine, J., Law, B. E. 2002
    Contrasting soil respiration in young and old-growth ponderosa pine forests
    Pub No: 4119

    Irvine, J., Law, B. E., Kurpius, M. R., Anthoni, P. M., Moore, D., Schwarz, P. A. 2004
    Age-related changes in ecosystem structure and function and effects on water and carbon exchange in ponderosa pine
    Pub No: 3995

    Law, B. E., Goldstein, A. H., Anthoni, P. M., Unsworth, M. H., Panek, J. A., Bauer, M. R., Fracheboud, J. M., Hultman, N. 2001
    Carbon dioxide and water vapor exchange by young and old ponderosa pine ecosystems during a dry summer
    Pub No: 3993

    Law, B. E., Sun, O. J., Campbell, J., Van Tuyl, S., Thornton, P. E. 2003
    Changes in carbon storage and fluxes in a chronosequence of ponderosa pine
    Pub No: 3994

    Law, B. E., Thornton, P. E., Irvine, J., Anthoni, P. M., Van Tuyl, S. 2001
    Carbon storage and fluxes in ponderosa pine forests at different developmental stages
    Pub No: 3996

    Law, B. E., Turner, D., Campbell, J., Sun, O. J., Van Tuyl, S., Ritts, W. D., Cohen, W. B. 2004
    Disturbance and climate effects on carbon stocks and fluxes across western Oregon USA
    Pub No: 3775

    Law, B. E., Waring, R. H., Anthoni, P. M., Aber, J. D. 2000
    Measurements of gross and net ecosystem productivity and water vapour exchange of a Pinus ponderosa ecosystem, and an evaluation of two generalized models
    Pub No: 3991

    Law, B. E., Williams, M., Anthoni, P. M., Baldocchi, D. D., Unsworth, M. H. 2000
    Measuring and modelling seasonal variation of carbon dioxide and water vapour exchange of a Pinus ponderosa forest subject to soil water deficit
    Pub No: 3992

    Law, Beverly E. 1993
    Remote sensing of radiation intercepted by vegetation to estimate aboveground net primary production across western Oregon
    Pub No: 1639

    Law, Beverly E., Cescatti, Alessandro, Baldocchi, David D. 2001
    Leaf area distribution and radiative transfer in open-canopy forests: implications for mass and energy exchange
    Pub No: 3999

    Law, Beverly E., Ryan, Michael G., Anthoni, Peter M. 1999
    Seasonal and annual respiration of a ponderosa pine ecosystem
    Pub No: 3990

    Law, Beverly E., Turner, Dave, Campbell, John, Lefsky, Michael, Guzy, Michael, Sun, Osbert, Van Tuyl, Steve, Cohen, Warren 2006
    Carbon fluxes across regions: observational constraints at multiple scales
    Pub No: 3656

    Law, Beverly E., Waring, Richard H. 1994
    Combining remote sensing and climatic data to estimate net primary production across Oregon
    Pub No: 1794

    Law, Beverly E., Waring, Richard H. 1994
    Remote sensing of leaf area index and radiation intercepted by understory vegetation
    Pub No: 1640

    McDowell, N. G., Bowling, D. R., Bond, B. J., Irvine, J., Law, B. E., Anthoni, P., Ehleringer, J. R. 2004
    Response of the carbon isotopic content of ecosystem, leaf, and soil respiration to meteorological and physiological driving factors in a Pinus ponderosa ecosystem
    Pub No: 4100

    McDowell, N. G., Bowling, D. R., Schauer, A., Irvine, J., Bond, B. J., Law, B. E., Ehleringer, J. R. 2004
    Associations between carbon isotope ratios of ecosystem respiration, water availability and canopy conductance
    Pub No: 4101

    O'Halloran, Thomas L., Acker, Steven A., Joerger, Verena M., Kertis, Jane, Law, Beverly E. 2014
    Postfire influences of snag attrition on albedo and radiative forcing
    Pub No: 4960

    Schwarz, P. A., Law, B. E., Williams, M., Irvine, J., Kurpius, M., Moore, D. 2004
    Climatic versus biotic constraints on carbon and water fluxes in seasonally drought-affected ponderosa pine ecosystems
    Pub No: 4120

    Sun, Osbert J., Campbell, John, Law, Beverly E., Wolf, Vernon 2004
    Dynamics of carbon stocks in soils and detritus across chronosequences of different forest types in the Pacific Northwest, USA
    Pub No: 4076

    Thornton, P. E., Law, B. E., Gholz, Henry L., Clark, Kenneth L., Falge, E., Ellsworth, D. S., Goldstein, A. H., Monson, R. K., Hollinger, D., Falk, M., Chen, J., Sparks, J. P. 2002
    Modeling and measuring the effects of disturbance history and climate on carbon and water budgets in evergreen needleleaf forests
    Pub No: 3998

    Treuhaft, Robert N., Asner, Gregory P., Law, Beverly E., Van Tuyl, Steven 2002
    Forest leaf area density profiles from the quantitative fusion of radar and hyperspectral data
    Pub No: 3997

    Turner, D. P., Ritts, W. D., Law, B. E., Cohen, W. B., Yang, Z., Hudiburg, T., Campbell, J. L., Duane, M. 2007
    Scaling net ecosystem production and net biome production over a heterogeneous region in the western United States
    Pub No: 4185

    Turner, D. P., Ritts, W. D., Styles, J. M., Yang, Z., Cohen, W. B., Law, B. E., Thornton, P. E. 2006
    A diagnostic carbon flux model to monitor the effects of disturbance and interannual variation in climate on regional NEP
    Pub No: 4050

    Turner, D. P., Ritts, William, Cohen, W. B., Maiersperger, T., Gower, S. T., Kirschbaum, Al, Running, S. W., Zhao, Maosheng, Wofsy, S., Dunn, Allison, Law, B., Campbell, J. L., Oechel, Walt, Kwon, Hyo Jung, Meyers, Tilden, Small, E., Kurc, S., Gamon, J. 2005
    Site-level evaluation of satellite-based global terrestrial gross primary production and net primary production monitoring
    Pub No: 3827

    Turner, David P., Guzy, Michael, Lefsky, Michael A., Van Tuyl, Steve, Sun, Osbert, Daly, Chris, Law, Beverly E. 2003
    Effects of land use and fine-scale environmental heterogeneity on net ecosystem production over a temperate coniferous forest landscape
    Pub No: 4074