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    Allometric equations
    Gholz, H. L., Grier, C. C., Campbell, A. G., Brown, A. T. 1979
    Equations for estimating biomass and leaf area of plants in the Pacific Northwest
    Pub No: 889

    Halpern, Charles B., Miller, Eric A., Geyer, Melora A. 1996
    Equations for predicting above-ground biomass of plant species in early successional forests of the western Cascade Range, Oregon
    Pub No: 2262

    Kloeppel, Brian D., Harmon, Mark E., Fahey, Timothy J. 2007
    Estimating aboveground net primary productivity in forest-dominated ecosystems
    Pub No: 4261

    Thomas, Sean, Winner, William E. 2002
    Photosynthetic differences between saplings and adult trees: an integration of field results by meta-analysis
    Pub No: 3465