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    New Zealand
    Freer, J. E., McMillan, H., McDonnell, J. J., Beven, K. J. 2004
    Constraining dynamic TOPMODEL responses for imprecise water table information using fuzzy rule based performance measures
    Pub No: 3879

    Meleason, Mark A., Hall, Graeme M. J. 2005
    Managing plantation forests to provide short- to long-term supplies of wood to streams: a simulation study using New Zealand's pine plantations
    Pub No: 4174

    Seibert, Jan, McDonnell, Jeffrey J. 2002
    On the dialog between experimentalist and modeler in catchment hydrology: use of soft data for multicriteria model calibration
    Pub No: 3898

    Seibert, Jan, McDonnell, Jeffrey J. 2002
    The quest for an improved dialog between modeler and experimentalist
    Pub No: 3899

    Uchida, Taro, McDonnell, Jeffrey J., Asano, Yuko 2006
    Functional intercomparison of hillslopes and small catchments by examining water source, flowpath and mean residence time
    Pub No: 3909

    Waring, R. H., Landsberg, J. J., Williams, M. 1998
    Net primary production of forests: a constant fraction of gross primary production?
    Pub No: 1031