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Publication Title:   Landscape ecology: a new conceptual framework in ecology

Year:  1988     Publication Type:  Journal Article

H. J. Andrews Publication Number:  876

Citation:  Li, Habin; Franklin, J. F. 1988. Landscape ecology: a new conceptual framework in ecology. Advances in Ecology (China). 5(1): 23-33.

Online PDF:  http://andrewsforest.oregonstate.edu/pubs/pdf/pub876.pdf

Abstract:  Landscape ecology is a new conceptual framework in ecologicalresearch. It is derived from ecology, geography, forestry,wildlife management, landscape planning, and many others. It hasmany unique characteristics, such as its emphases on spatialpattern analysis, maintenance and development of spatialheterogeneity, on interaction between ecosystems, on managementof wild range animal populations, on protection and management ofenvironment and resources, as well as on human impact onlandscapes and their components. The novelty of landscapeecology lies in the holistic approach to ecological research atthe landscape level and in the integration of many disciplineswhich are traditionally segregated from each other. Thelandscape ecology idea is a significant progress from theecosystem theory. The recognition of landscape level and theformation of landscape ecology enable us to observe andunderstand the nature from a new, higher level. To manage wiselyand rationally natural resources requires our understanding andapplication of landscape ecology. The objective of this paper isto try to present a relatively complete introduction of the NorthAmerican landscape ecology, including the following aspects: (1)major concepts in landscape ecology, (2) the scope of landscapeecology, (3) some principles in landscape ecology, (4)methodology of landscape ecology, and and (5) perspectives oflandscape ecology. KEY WORDS: Landscape; Landscape ecology; Ecosystem; Patch;Heterogeneity; Scale; Spatial Pattern; Resource Management;Geographic Information System.

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Li ,  Habin  
Franklin ,  Jerry   F.

Forest ecosystems
Landscape diversity
Landscape ecology
Landscape pattern
Landscape scales
Resource management
Sampling methodology
Variability, spatial