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Publication Title:   Canopy arthropod communities in relation to forest age and alternative harvest practices in western Oregon

Year:  1995     Publication Type:  Journal Article

H. J. Andrews Publication Number:  2098

Citation:  Schowalter, T. D. 1995. Canopy arthropod communities in relation to forest age and alternative harvest practices in western Oregon. Forest Ecology and Management. 78: 115-125.

Online PDF:  http://andrewsforest.oregonstate.edu/pubs/pdf/pub2098.pdf

Abstract:  Arthropod community structure and herbivory were compared inreplicate Douglas-fir and western hemlock canopies in intact old-growth (>400 yr old), and Douglas-fir only in partially-harvestedold-growth, natural mature (150 yr old) stands, and regenerating plantations (10-20 yr old) in a 15,000 ha including the H.J.Andrews Experimental Forest in western Oregon. Species diversityand abundances of several taxa, especially predators anddetritivores, were significantly lower in plantations, comparedto older forests. Mature, old-growth, and partially-harvestedstands showed few significant differences, but principalcomponents analysis (PCA) suggested some differences in communitystructure and indicated that old-growth was least variable(tighter clustering) in arthropod diversity and abundance,whereas partially-harvested stands were most variable.Defoliation was higher in the mature stands, probably becausethese stands were composed of relatively dense and pure Douglas-fir. Although old-growth appeared to be the source of greatestarthropod biodiversity in these forests, arthropod communities inDouglas-fir canopies may largely recover old-growth structure by150 years, and partially-harvested stands retain substantiallygreater arthropod diversity than do regenerating plantations. Key Words: Diversity, herbivory, disturbance, succession, Pseudotsuga, Tsucra

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