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Picture of Researcher

Linda Ashkenas

Phone: (541) 737-1966
Fax: (541) 737-3590
Primary Email:

Oregon State University
Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife
104 Nash Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

Official position at address above: Senior Faculty Research Assistant
Educational Institutions attended: BA, 1976, Cornell University
MS, 1979, Boston University
Roles/Affiliations: Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)
Principal Collaborators: Stanley V. Gregory, Randy Wildman, Judith Li, Sherri Johnson, Frederick J. Swanson
General Interests: Forest-stream interaction, riparian management &
restoration, stream food webs
Current Research Projects/Activities: Long-term studies of large wood in streams, fish populations, implications for restoration
Historical reconstruction of Willamette River channel and vegetation
Impacts of forest harvest on headwater streams and cumulative biological impacts
stable isotope studies of nitrogen dynamics
Intersite LTER/International Activities: LINX project/Khadrovye Pad, Vladivostock, Russia

Personal Information:

Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon
Personal Interests: Whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, fishing, gardening, reading