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  LTER Cross-Site Research

Researchers at the Andrews Forest LTER are actively involved, both leading and participating in many cross-site projects Cross-site studies are encouraged among LTER sites and more broadly. Many of the cross site collaborations involve scientists from USFS Experimental Forests, biological field stations and other sites of long term research. The LTER Network creates scientific, social and administrative opportunities for cross site collaborations through funding for workshops and meetings.

Scientists at the Andrews Forest are very involved as leaders or participants in the following cross-site projects:

These LTER working groups were initiated by Andrews Forest scientists:

A Data Synthesis Working Group: Disappearing Snow in the Western US: Ecosystem Implications for the Rain-Snow Transition Zone. Anne Nolin. $25,360. 2011

Socio-ecological resilience of water supplies to land use and climate change: contrasting resilience in regions of the US and Canada. Julia Jones. $12,000. 2011

Development of a hydrochemical database - StreamchemDB. Sherri Johnson. $21,365. 2011

Soil organic matter dynamics: a cross-ecosystem approach. Kate Lajtha. $12,000. 2010

LTERMaps Internet Mapping Workshop. Theresa Valentine. $5,000. 2010

Engaging Arts/Humanities in Future Scenarios Work. Fred Swanson. $12,000. 2010

Hydrologic effects from ecosystem responses to climate change and land use change. Julia Jones. $12,000. 2010

Andrews Forest scientists are participants in these LTER working groups

Future Scenarios of Landscape Change (Sherri Johnson, Tom Spies, Stan Gregory)

Forecasting rates of stream leaf litter decomposition in response to inland climate change (Sherri Johnson, Lydia Zeglin)

Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies (Mark Harmon)

Developing protocols for cross-site research on Local Ecological Knowledge and social-ecological systems (Denise Lach, Hannah Gossnell)

Workshop to promote synthesis products from the EcoTrends project (Barbara Bond)

Develop an LTER NIS Best Practices for Designing and Writing Workflow Scripts in the PASTA Framework (Don Henshaw, Suzanne Remillard)

Finding the Data: Enhancing the Utility of the LTER Controlled Vocabulary (Suzanne Remillard)

Drupal Environmental Information Management System workshop: Data applications (Theresa Valentine)