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LTER Network-level Activities

14 March 2014

The Andrews IM Team serves key roles at the LTER network level with Henshaw ( IM Executive Committee co-Chair, 2009-2012), Valentine (chair GIS subcommittee, 2003-2010, LTER Spatial Data and Analysis Committee, 2009-present), and Remillard (IM Executive Committee, 2008-2011, NIS Advisory Committee (NISAC), co-IM Chair of NISAC, 2012-Present). The IM Team also assures participation in network-wide administrative databases (PersonnelDB, All-site Bibliography, SiteDB) and were the lead developers in the ClimDB/HydroDB synthetic research database (Henshaw et al. 1998, 2006).

As LTER Network standards and best practices have been developed and incorporated into the LTER NIS, the Andrews information management system has been modified to comply with accepted NIS standards. Metadata best practices for EML, the unit dictionary, webpage recommendations, and the network-developed IM review criteria have all shaped the evolution of the Andrews system. The Andrews IM Team, both currently and historically, have played strong leadership roles in the development of these standard policies and practices (Michener et al. 1997, 1998, Baker et al. 2000, Brunt et al. 2005).