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Abstract for pub number 702


The Mapleton leave area study is designed to evaluate "the implementation effectiveness of headwall and streamside leave areas" in the Mapleton Ranger District of the Siuslaw National Forest. Last year at this meeting we reported on the implementation of headwall leave areas (1). Over the past year, we have examined;

  • Frequency of slides from headwalls in clearcuts, leave areas, and forested areas.
  • Occurrence of slides in areas outside of headwalls, such as roads and planar and convex slope elements.
  • Implementation success of streamside leave areas.
  • Frequency of slides in streamside leave areas.
  • Effects of roads on the drainage area above headwalls in forest, clear-cut, and headwall leave areas and the apparent effects of this modification of drainage area on slide frequency in headwalls.
  • Frequency of slides in clear-cut units without headwall leave areas.