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Andrews Forest LTER Monthly Meeting Notes

Friday, April 2, 2010

NEXT MEETING: Friday, May 7, 2010. 10 a.m. � noon.

Minutes from previous Andrews Forest LTER Monthly Meetings can be found at http://andrewsforest.oregonstate.edu/pubs/mtgnotes/monthmtg.cfm?topnav=42.

SCIENCE HOUR (10 - 11 a.m.)

Dr Paul D. Anderson, USFS PNW. �Early Understory Vegetation Response to Initial Thinning. H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Uneven-Aged Management Program."

Dr. Klaus Puettmann, OSU FES. �Thinning Young Stands � Results and Outlooks.� With Adrian Ares.

Barbara Bond (lead), Lina DiGregorio (notes), Mark Schulze, Chris Thomas, Kathy Keable, Suzanne Remillard, Theresa Valentine, Cheryl Friesen, Norm Michaels, Randy Wildman, Fred Swanson, Mark Harmon, Jay Sexton, Alba Argerich, Greg Downing, Anita Morzillo, Sherri Johnson, Adrian Ares, Brad Withrow-Robinson, Rob Pabst, Rupert Seidl, Harold Zald, Don Henshaw.

BUSINESS MEETING (11 a.m. � noon)

Barbara Bond (lead), Lina DiGregorio (notes), Mark Schulze, Kathy Keable, Suzanne Remillard, Theresa Valentine, Cheryl Friesen, Norm Michaels, Randy Wildman, Fred Swanson, Mark Harmon, Jay Sexton, Greg Downing, Anita Morzillo, Sherri Johnson, Brad Withrow-Robinson, Rob Pabst, Don Henshaw.


NSF Opportunity for Environmental Synthesis Center. Group at OSU, started by Brenda McComb, and including Barb Bond, sent in pre-proposal in March. 30 million dollar grant. Should find out soon if they�re invited to submit full proposal.

NSF Water Sustainability and Climate proposal (WSC). Jeff McConnell heading it up through the IWW. Will be submitted in mid-April. Andrews likely to play a big role if it is funded. Other WSC proposals being submitted by other Andrews PIs.

NSF Network Level. �Legacy Data Prospectus� NEON has funding that they cannot use so there is an opportunity for LTER to submit proposal to use those funds for LTER to pull together legacy data. There could be $200K-$600 distributed per site (for 26 sites) over a 3-year period. We could, for example, hire an extra IM person for 3 or 4 years.

STREON visit to Andrews in May. Probably will look at WS02. Build out in 2015.

Theresa Valentine submitted proposal to Forest Service to correct aerial images using LiDAR data. Register to accurate LiDAR elevation data. Forest Service seems willing to fund this project.

If you�re thinking about doing field work at the Andrews Forest this summer, allow time to submit a site use proposal: http://andrewsforest.oregonstate.edu/about/research.cfm?topnav=159.

Space for summer housing is filling up fast: make your reservations at http://andrewsforest.oregonstate.edu/about/facility/reservation.cfm?topnav=26.

The 2010 Mountain Climate conference will be at the Andrews Forest, June 7-10 (http://www.fs.fed.us/psw/mtnclim/). Registration is open to all, and this group has reserved most all of the apartments at the Andrews for this period. So if you have not made a reservation through the MtnClim web site, do not have a previously confirmed overnight reservation, and would like to stay at the Andrews during this period, we can offer a lovely campsite at Lookout Research Camp. They�re expecting about 120 people.

Canopy Connections program underway with winter lesson plans. Every Thursday and Friday in May the students will be in the trees at the Andrews. We did get an additional Kids in the Woods grant through the FS.

New groups coming in May: Penn State, Albion College, University of Quebec.

Slowly swapping out old appliances for energy star appliances.

Helping to distribute info on HJA Day and Symposium.

Monica Hubbard and other graduate students are working on water use plan for Oregon.

Social networking is a way to share information on the Andrews Forest. From the Andrews website, go to What�s New (http://andrewsforest.oregonstate.edu/new/new.cfm?topnav=4). We now have a Facebook Fanpage set up as a direct link. It will be used, periodically, to send updates about upcoming events, meetings, announcements, publications, etc. Become a fan!

Available through the LTER website, http://www.lternet.edu/sites1/.

IM UPDATES (Don Henshaw)
IM group working with the list of LTER databases to pull them into the central database.
Climate stations are getting updated.

Hiring four people for veg crew this summer. First week of April. Contact Cheryl Friesen. For uneven aged management stands remeasurements.

Early seral forest workshop will be April 28 at LaSells. Contact Cheryl Friesen. Many Andrews scientists will be speaking.

Briefing on carbon at the WNF. The WNF was front page news that showed that the WNF was the greatest carbon sequester of national forests anywhere. It generated questions about the numbers and results. The WNF is now working to inform employees and public affairs people about the subject of carbon. Generally the staff are on a gag order to say anything about carbon and policy, as dictated by DC, but at least they should be able to say that there is research being done. The new WNF forest supervisor would like to do a press release about the ecosystems services at the WNF, but that might be hard to get through.

EXTENSION (Brad Withrow-Robinson)
Oregon climate leadership group. Has a forum coming up next week. They are trying to communicate with communities to tell them about climate change and its impact. Brad Withrow-Robinson said he would be involved in helping to get the word out about the forum. Involving Metro, ODF, but they are looking to connect more with researchers. Having trouble getting connected.

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