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    Other publications by Charles B. Halpern
    Acker, S. A., Halpern, C. B., Harmon, M. E., Dyrness, C. T. 2002
    Trends in bole biomass accumulation, net primary production and tree mortality in Pseudotsuga menziesii forests of contrasting age
    Pub No: 2824

    Antos, Joseph A., Halpern, Charles B. 1997
    Root system differences among species: implications for early successional changes in forests of western Oregon
    Pub No: 2322

    Antos, Joseph A., Halpern, Charles B., Miller, Richard E., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Halaj, Melora G. 2003
    Temporal and spatial changes in soil carbon and nitrogen after clearcutting and burning of an old-growth Douglas-fir forest
    Pub No: 2771

    Aubry, K.B., Halpern, C. B., Maguire, D. A. 2004
    Ecological effects of variable-retention harvests in the northwestern United States: the DEMO study
    Pub No: 50019

    Aubry, Keith B., Amaranthus, Michael P., Halpern, Charles B., White, James D., Woodard, Brenda L., Peterson, Charles E., Lagoudakis, Cynthia A., Horton, Alan J. 1998
    DEMO: a study of varying levels and patterns of green-tree retention in western Oregon and Washington [Abstract]
    Pub No: 2482

    Busing, Richard T., Halpern, Charles B., Spies, Thomas A. 1995
    Ecology of Pacific yew (Taxus brevifolia) in western Oregon and Washington
    Pub No: 2180

    Case, M.F., Halpern, C.B., Levin, S.A. 2013
    Contributions of gopher mound and casting disturbances to plant community structure in a Cascade Range meadow complex
    Pub No: 4794

    Celis, Jessica, Halpern, Charles B., Jones, F. Andrew 2017
    Intraspecific trait variation and the differential decline of meadow species during conifer encroachment
    Pub No: 4968

    Clark, Rachel, Halpern, Charles, Swanson, Fred 2009
    Restoring mountain meadows: using fire, vegetation, and fuel management in western Oregon
    Pub No: 4586

    Compagnoni, Aldo, Halpern, Charles B. 2009
    Properties of native plant communities do not determine exotic success during early forest succession
    Pub No: 4437

    Dovciak, Martin, Halpern, Charles B. 2010
    Positive diversity-stability relationships in forest herb populations during four decades of community assembly
    Pub No: 4578

    Evans, Shelley A., Halpern, Charles B. 1998
    Effects of green-tree retention on ground-layer cryptogams in north-western forests [Abstract]
    Pub No: 2483

    Franklin, J. F., Halpern, Charles B. 2000
    Pacific Northwest forests
    Pub No: 3553

    Franklin, J. F., McKee, A., Klopsch, M., Halpern, C. 1982
    Long-term successional studies at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon
    Pub No: 1763

    Franklin, Jerry F., Halpern, Charles B. 1989
    Influence of biological legacies on succession
    Pub No: 1069

    Halpern, C. B. 2000
    Montane and subalpine meadows of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area/Biosphere Reserve, Oregon: a community classification and gradient analysis [Abstract]
    Pub No: 3042

    Halpern, C. B., Antos, J. A., Beckman, L. M. 2014
    Vegetation Recovery in Slash-Pile Scars Following Conifer Removal in a Grassland-Restoration Experiment
    Pub No: 4873

    Halpern, C. B., Antos, J. A., Rice, J. M., Haugo, R. D., Lang, N. L. 2010
    Tree invasion of a montane meadow complex: temporal trends, spatial patterns, and biotic interactions
    Pub No: 4579

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    Early responses of forest understories to varying levels and patterns of green-tree retention
    Pub No: 50017

    Halpern, C.B., Lutz, J.A. 2013
    Canopy closure exerts weak controls on understory dynamics: A 30-year study of overstory-understory interactions
    Pub No: 4786

    Halpern, Charles B. 1985
    Hydric montane meadows of Sequoia National Park, California: a literature review and classification
    Pub No: 384

    Halpern, Charles B. 1986
    Montane meadow plant associations of Sequoia National Park, California
    Pub No: 40

    Halpern, Charles B. 1987
    Twenty-one years of secondary succession in Pseudotsuga forests of the western Cascade Range
    Pub No: 1322

    Halpern, Charles B. 1988
    Early successional pathways and the resistance and resilience of forest communities
    Pub No: 764

    Halpern, Charles B. 1989
    Early successional patterns of forest species: interactions of life history traits and disturbance
    Pub No: 956

    Halpern, Charles B., Antos, Joseph A., Cromack, Kermit, Jr., Olson, Annette M. 1992
    Species interactions and plant diversity during secondary succession
    Pub No: 1406

    Halpern, Charles B., Antos, Joseph A., Geyer, Melora A., Olson, Annette M. 1997
    Species replacement during early secondary succession: the abrupt decline of a winter annual
    Pub No: 1890

    Halpern, Charles B., Antos, Joseph A., McKenzie, Donald, Olson, Annette M. 2016
    Past tree influence and prescribed fire mediate biotic interactions and community reassembly in a grassland-restoration experiment
    Pub No: 4920

    Halpern, Charles B., Evans, Shelley A., Nelson, Cara R., McKenzie, Donald 1998
    Response of forest understory communities to green-tree retention harvest: the DEMO study [Abstract]
    Pub No: 2484

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    Understory development in Pseudotsuga forests: multiple paths of succession
    Pub No: 958

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    Physiognomic development of Pseudotsuga forests in relation to initial structure and disturbance intensity
    Pub No: 1129

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    Changes in plant species diversity after harvest of Douglas-fir forests
    Pub No: 1405

    Halpern, Charles B., Frenzen, Peter M., Means, Joseph E., Franklin, Jerry F. 1990
    Plant succession in areas of scorched and blown-down forest after the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, Washington
    Pub No: 1015

    Halpern, Charles B., Harmon, Mark E. 1983
    Early plant succession on the Muddy River mudflow, Mount St. Helens, Washington
    Pub No: 215

    Halpern, Charles B., Haugo, Ryan D., Antos, Joseph A., Kaas , Sheena S., Kilanowski, Allyssa L. 2012
    Grassland restoration with and without fire: evidence from a tree-removal experiment
    Pub No: 4681

    Halpern, Charles B., Miller, Eric A., Geyer, Melora A. 1996
    Equations for predicting above-ground biomass of plant species in early successional forests of the western Cascade Range, Oregon
    Pub No: 2262

    Halpern, Charles B., Smith, Bradley G., Franklin, Jerry F. 1984
    Composition, structure, and distribution of the ecosystems of the Three Sisters Biosphere Reserve/Wilderness Area
    Pub No: 1323

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    Forest and meadow communities of the Three Sisters Biosphere Reserve
    Pub No: 957

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    Plant species diversity in natural and managed forests of the Pacific Northwest
    Pub No: 1526

    Halpern, Charlie, Swanson, Fred 2008
    Bunchgrass Ridge: restoration of montane meadows in western Oregon--a center for research and adaptive management [Web site]. http://depts.washington.edu/bgridge/
    Pub No: 4441

    Harmon, M.E., Fasth, B., Halpern, C.B., Lutz, J.A. 2015
    Uncertainty analysis: An evaluation metric for synthesis science
    Pub No: 4909

    Haugo, Ryan D., Halpern, Charles B. 2007
    Vegetation responses to conifer encroachment in a western Cascade meadow: a chronosequence approach
    Pub No: 4193

    Haugo, Ryan D., Halpern, Charles B. 2010
    Tree age and tree species shape positive and negative interactions in a montane meadow
    Pub No: 4574

    Haugo, Ryan D., Halpern, Charles B., Bakker, Jonathan D. 2011
    Landscape context and long-term tree influences shape the dynamics of forest-meadow ecotones in mountain ecosystems
    Pub No: 4680

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    Plant succession on gopher mounds in western Cascade meadows: consequences for species diversity and heterogeneity
    Pub No: 4251

    Kremer, N. J., Halpern, C. B., Antos, J. A. 2014
    Conifer reinvasion of montane meadows following experimental tree removal and prescribed burning
    Pub No: 4850

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    The soil seed bank of a montane meadow: consequences of conifer encroachment and implications for restoration
    Pub No: 4239

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    Tree mortality during early forest development: a long-term study of rates, causes, and consequences
    Pub No: 4017

    McKenzie, Donald, Halpern, Charles B. 1999
    Modeling the distributions of shrub species in Pacific Northwest forests
    Pub No: 2467

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    Effects of environment and grazing disturbance on tree establishment in meadows of the central Cascade Range, Oregon, USA
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    Edge-related responses of understory species to aggregated retention harvest in the Pacific Northwest
    Pub No: 50018

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    The consequences of aggregated retention for understory plants: an exploration of hypotheses [Abstract]
    Pub No: 2485

    Rice, Janine. M., Halpern, Charles. B., Antos, Joseph. A., Jones, Julia. A. 2012
    Spatio-temporal patterns of tree establishment are indicative of biotic interactions during early invasion of a montane meadow
    Pub No: 4710

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    Restoration of dry, montane meadows through prescribed fire, vegetation and fuels management: a program of research and adaptive management in western Oregon
    Pub No: 4443

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    The structure and dynamics of Abies magnifica forests in the southern Cascade Range, USA
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    Plant diversity in managed forests: understory responses to thinning and fertilization in Douglas-fir plantations [Abstract]
    Pub No: 2486

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    Pub No: 1425