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    Other publications by Kari B. O'Connell
    Acker, Steven A., Kertis, Jane, Bruner, Howard, O’Connell, Kari, Sexton, Jay 2013
    Dynamics of coarse woody debris following wildfire in a mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) forest
    Pub No: 4966

    Goralnik, Lissy, O’Connell, Kari, Schulze, Mark, Nelson, Michael Paul 2015
    HJ Andrews Forest Discovery: A conceptual framework for interdisciplinary interpretation
    Pub No: 4977

    Greene, Sarah, Bruner, Howard, O'Connell, Kari 2006
    Permanent plots in natural stands in the Pacific Northwest
    Pub No: 4160

    Henshaw, Donald L., Bierlmaier, Fred, Bond, Barbara J., O'Connell, Kari B. 2008
    Building a 'cyber forest' in complex terrain at the Andrews Experimental Forest
    Pub No: 4433

    Mitchell, Stephen R. 2009
    The Effects of Forest Fuel Reduction on Fire Severity and Long-term Carbon Storage
    Pub No: 4841

    Mitchell, Stephen R., Harmon, Mark E., O'Connell, Kari E. B. 2009
    Forest fuel reduction alters fire severity and long-term carbon storage in three Pacific Northwest ecosystems
    Pub No: 4540

    Mitchell, Stephen R., Harmon, Mark E., O'Connell, Kari E. B. 2012
    Carbon debt and carbon sequestration parity in forest bioenergy production
    Pub No: 4838

    Woolley, Travis J., Harmon, Mark E., O'Connell, Kari B. 2007
    Estimating annual bole biomass production using uncertainty analysis
    Pub No: 4282

    Woolley, Travis J., Harmon, Mark E., O’Connell, Kari B. 2015
    Inter-annual variability and spatial coherence of net primary productivity across a western Oregon Cascades landscape
    Pub No: 4871