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    Plant succession
    Andersen, Douglas C., MacMahon, James A. 1985
    Plant succession following the Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption: facilitation by a burrowing rodent, Thomomys talpoides
    Pub No: 21

    Dyrness, C. T. 1965
    The effect of logging and slash burning on understory vegetation in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest
    Pub No: 314

    Dyrness, C. T. 1973
    Early stages of plant succession following logging and burning in the western Cascades of Oregon
    Pub No: 429

    Franklin, Jerry F. 1982
    Forest succession research in the Pacific Northwest: an overview
    Pub No: 113

    Frenzen, Peter M., Krasny, Marianne E., Rigney, Lisa P. 1988
    Thirty-three years of plant succession on the Kautz Creek mudflow, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
    Pub No: 12

    Halpern, Charles B., Frenzen, Peter M., Means, Joseph E., Franklin, Jerry F. 1990
    Plant succession in areas of scorched and blown-down forest after the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, Washington
    Pub No: 1015

    Halpern, Charles B., Harmon, Mark E. 1983
    Early plant succession on the Muddy River mudflow, Mount St. Helens, Washington
    Pub No: 215

    Harmon, Mark E. 1989
    Effects of bark fragmentation on plant succession on conifer logs in the Picea - Tsuga forests of Olympic National Park, Washington
    Pub No: 959