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    Carbon flux
    Baldocchi, Dennis, Finnigan, John, Wilson, Kell, Paw U, K. T., Falge, Eva 2000
    On measuring net ecosystem carbon exchange over tall vegetation in complex terrain
    Pub No: 3473

    Cohen, Warren B., Sollins, Phillip, Homann, Peter, Ferrell, William K., Harmon, Mark E., Wallin, David O., Fiorella, Maria 1994
    Using a GIS to model the effects of land use on carbon storage in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, USA
    Pub No: 1600

    Harmon, Mark E., Bible, Ken, Ryan, Michael G., Shaw, David C., Chen, H., Klopatek, Jeffrey, Li, Xia 2004
    Production, respiration, and overall carbon balance in an old-growth Pseudotsuga-Tsuga forest ecosystem
    Pub No: 3536

    Paw U, Kyaw Tha, Falk, Matthias, Suchanek, Thomas H., Ustin, Susan L., Chen, Jiquan, Young-San, Park, Winner, William E., Thomas, Sean C., Hsiao, Theodore C., Shaw, Roger H., King, Thomas S., Pyles, R. David, Schroeder, Matt, Matista, Anthony A. 2004
    Carbon dioxide exchange between an old-growth forest and the atmosphere
    Pub No: 3539