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Publication Title:   Responses of wildlife habitats to forest management and climate change: a modeling approach

Year:  1990     Publication Type:  Journal Article

H. J. Andrews Publication Number:  1155

Citation:  Hansen, Andrew J.; Urban, Dean L.; Garman, Steve; Noon, Barry R.; McComb, William C. 1990. Responses of wildlife habitats to forest management and climate change: a modeling approach. The Northwest Environmental Journal. 6(2): 419-420.

Online PDF:  http://andrewsforest.oregonstate.edu/pubs/pdf/pub1155.pdf

Abstract:  Biological diversity has emerged as a major environmental andscientific issue because: species are seen as economically and aes-thetically valuable; patterns of diversity may serve as indicators ofsystem response to climate and land-use change, and some organ-isms may strongly influence system functioning. The challenge forscientists and land managers is to develop techniques to study andmanage biological diversity. We are modifying the forest successionmodel ZELIG (T. M. Smith and D. L. Urban. 1988. Scale and reso-lution of forest structural pattern. Vegetation 74:143-150) to studyhow vascular plant and vertebrate communities in the northwesternUnited States respond to land-use practices and climate change with-in forest stands and landscapes.

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Hansen ,  Andrew   J.
Urban ,  Dean   L.
Garman ,  Steven   L.
Noon ,  Barry   R.
McComb ,  Brenda   C

Biological diversity
Climate change
Ecosystem management
Ecosystem modeling
Forest ecosystems
Forest management
Landscape management
Wildlife habitats

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