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Publication Title:   Moisture and saprotroph effects on respiration from coarse woody debris [Abstract]

Year:  1999     Publication Type:  Abstract

H. J. Andrews Publication Number:  2686

Citation:  Schowalter, T. D.; Progar, R. A.; Freitag, C. M.; Morrell, J. J. 1999. Moisture and saprotroph effects on respiration from coarse woody debris [Abstract]. In: The Ecological Society of America 84th annual meeting: legacies, landscapes and limits: bridging borders; 1999 August 8-12; Spokane, WA. Washington, DC: Ecological Society of America: 304.

Abstract:  Decomposing coarse woody debris (CWD) is a conspicuous and important component of forest ecosystems. We tested the hypothesis that moisture content and heterotroph community composition influence carbon flux. We cut 360 Douglas-fir logs and assigned them randomly to 12 heterotroph x moisture combinations at five replicate sites in western Oregon. Six heterotroph treatments represented the range of functional group compositions observed in previous studies. These included uncolonized logs, logs colonized by bark beetles or wood borers, and wood colonized by mold fungi or decay fungi.Half the logs in each treatment were sheltered from precipitation with clear plastic sheeting to reduce moisture content. Respiration was measured seasonally, using the soda lime absorption method. Logs inoculated with decay fungi had higher respiration rates than did logs inoculated with mold fungi or uninoculated, but this effect only approached significance (P = 0.06). Respiration was consistently and significantly higher in logs sheltered from precipitation, indicating that moisture content plays an overriding role in carbon flux from decomposing wood in this ecosystem.

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Schowalter ,  Timothy   D.
Progar ,  Robert   A.
Freitag ,  C.   M.
Morrell ,  Jeffrey   J.

Coarse woody debris
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